What's a Bitcoin ATM Doing in a Downtown Austin Bar? KUT

FYI: The one and only bitcoin atm in Austin (at HandleBar on 5th) is out of service.

Thought I'd post in case anyone was thinking about heading downtown to use the machine. Went down there earlier this week and was told the machine has been out of service for more than a month.
Plus, some websites show 3 machines in Austin - there aren't. The 'one and only' now at HandleBar is the same one that used to be at Dominican Joe and there isn't one at the convention center.
Okay, so the website I used (http://www.mylocalbitcoinatm.com/) listed 3 sites. Convention center, HandleBar, Dominican Joe. Dominican Joe and convenion center do not have one, the one at HandleBar is out of service (for about a month).
Other posters have said there are other locations.
This website has 4 locations total - http://coinatmradar.com/city/10/bitcoin-atm-austin/
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First Bitcoin ATM in US is opening in Austin, TX @ Handlebar

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Tried the first Bitcoin ATM in the US tonight, my experience

I've been interested in bitcoin since at least two bubbles ago. I happened to be near the Handlebar bar in Austin tonight, so I thought I'd check out the new Robocoin Bitcoin ATM.
So, I decide I'm going to buy US$20 worth of Bitcoin. I get my $20 bill ready and go to the machine, and tell it I want to buy Bitcoins. How hard can this be? I can buy $20 worth of alcohol at the very same bar in about 20 seconds.
So first it asks me for my cellphone number. Not feeling the anonymity. Sends me an SMS and asks for a verification code.
Then it asks me for my handprint. Immediately I'm feeling like I'm going through US Immigration in an Airport. Still not feeling the anonymity.
Then it asks me for my driver's license. Ok, so now I'm definitely not feeling the anonymity.
Then it tells me that I need to go away and come back in 5 minutes while they approve my account. At this point, and I'm fairly enthusiastic to make this work, I'm thinking "fuck this shit". Meanwhile I've given a company I know very little about my cellphone number, every piece of information on my driver's license, and my handprint.
Then I get a text saying that they can't approve me automatically and it will take longer than 5 minutes. Definitely fuck this shit.
What the hell is the point in having an anonymous decentralized currency if you have to get an anal probe just to exchange some $$$?
I really wonder whether Robocoin are actually forced to do this by law or if they just think that they'll be left alone by the government if they make the process awful enough.
If it's the latter, they might succeed in being left alone, but unless their target market is the unlikely intersection between hardcore bitcoin enthusiasts and those that enjoy privacy-killing tedious anal probes, they are in big trouble as a company.
edit: Many people are claiming that Bitcoin was never designed to provide anonymity. I refer those people to the following section of the original Bitcoin paper:
The traditional banking model achieves a level of privacy by limiting access to information to the parties involved and the trusted third party. The necessity to announce all transactions publicly precludes this method, but privacy can still be maintained by breaking the flow of information in another place: by keeping public keys anonymous [my emphasis]. The public can see that someone is sending an amount to someone else, but without information linking the transaction to anyone. This is similar to the level of information released by stock exchanges, where the time and size of individual trades, the "tape", is made public, but without telling who the parties were.
Yes, transactions are all public, but that's not where the anonymity lies, it lies in the difficulty of associating a Bitcoin account with a real-world identity. I don't know people's motives for trying to rewrite history here, perhaps they think it will discourage regulatory attention, or perhaps they're just misinformed. Regardless, anonymity was definitely a concern of Bitcoin's creator(s).
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Something to keep in mind about the Bitcoin ATM's in Austin

While this isn't really supposed to be very public information at this time, you can expect that there will be several Bitcoin ATM's online in Austin within the next month or two.
This Friday there are plans to put one up at Dominican Joe's, and this Sunday is the grand opening of the one being put online at Central Texas Gun Works.
There are plans to put another up for SXSW somewhere near 2nd and Trinity, and I am privy to some information which indicates that there are 4 to 5 more businesses looking to acquire a machine as soon as possible downtown for SXSW.
While I am thrilled that there are new Bitcoin ATM's coming to Austin, please bare in mind that some of the owners of these machines don't have the Bitcoin Community in their best interests.
We have been working hard with the owners of Central Texas Gun Works to get them a Bitcoin ATM setup, and out of nowhere the one at Handlebar was put online which surprised everyone that I know involved with Bitcoin in Austin.
That's because the owners of Handlebar just learned about Bitcoin last week as a means of getting rich quick, and the owners of the machine have no interest in working with the local community (they flat out refused to come to the Bitcoin Meetups and didn't want to hear anything about the Texas Bitcoin Conference).
Personally, if I use one of these ATM's, I'm going to be using the one at Central Texas Gun Works because I trust those guys more. They always come to the Bitcoin Meetups, and they're thrilled to be part of the community. Mostly I will be using them because I trust them more than a couple of guys who came out of nowhere to try and get rich quick off all of us.
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Why are there still no bars that accept bitcoin in Austin?

This is my first time posting in this sub, but I am an Austinite for almost 20 years, and I want to be able to go out and buy drinks with bitcoin, damn it.
I can already buy everything from gas and groceries to guns and gold in Austin with bitcoin, and one bar (Handlebar on 5th) even installed the first bitcoin ATM in Austin months ago, but even they don't accept bitcoin for drinks. They have stated repeatedly that they are "working on it", but that was also months ago and seemingly no progress has been made.
So many other local businesses have already made the leap and enjoyed an influx in business for nearly no cost, and considering the prevalence of the business and culture of bars in Austin, I guess I just don't get why that industry, as a whole, is last to the party. I expected more, especially since Austin is almost unanimously considered the most Bitcoin friendly city in the states and there are many bars in other states that are already doing this.
The first bar to accept bitcoin in Austin would gain free marketing, press coverage, and a group of loyal patrons from /Bitcoin - and most Austin Bitcoiners are not exactly broke.
If you own a bar in Austin or know someone who does, please, riddle me this /Austin. Also, I'll be using the changetip bot in this thread to give bitcoin to redditors for posting constructive comments, so come with it!
Resources: What is Bitcoin?, Explain Bitcoin Like I'm Five
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Find Bitcoin ATM in Austin, United States. The easiest way to buy and sell bitcoins in Austin. Find Bitcoin ATM in Austin, United States. The easiest way to buy and sell bitcoins in Austin. Producers. Genesis Coin (3767) General Bytes (3186) BitAccess (1074) Coinsource (666) Lamassu (538) All producers; Bar in Austin, TX The new Bitcoin ATM represents a big step in the process of trying to brand Bitcoin as a more “mainstream” form of currency. The Austin ATM is owned by Las Vegas-based Robocoin. CEO and founder Jordan Kelley said the decision to bring their first Bitcoin ATM to Austin was influenced by several factors. “I think Austin is a phenomenal city ... Fun fact: The Austin HandleBar is the one of the first locations in Austin for a bitcoin ATM and was said to be the first bar to ever offer a bitcoin ATM. That was way back in 2014, way before bitcoin became the craze it is today. Adult Wonderland HandleBar Will Soon Bring Cocktails & Bar Games To Houston [EHOU] HandleBar Houston [EHOU] HandleBar is Austin's only moustache bar serving up good times by the glass. We have Happy Hour Monday through Saturday from 4 to 8 PM and all day Sunday. Open until 2:00 AM (Show more)

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