ANXPRO – Safe, Secure & Smart Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Some thoughts about

ANXPRO Bitcoin Exchange supports DOGE/BTC & DOGE/USD trading. anyone using it already? feedbacks would be ideal.
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Does anyone have experience with Anxpro exchange? /r/Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Exchanges ANXPro and Rock Trading Integrate with Vogogo

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Doge 24hr Volume $18,809,900 OMG!

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If you are one of the 300 new shibes in the last 5 days, come here and say hi!

Any questions?
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DogeHelpBot is BACK!

I have been handed full control of DogeHelpBot and plan to make it more useful!
With massive help from our sexy Dogecoin Dev /rnicoll, the bot is up and running again.
A lot of users seemed to love this bot when it was operational as it helps quickly spit out useful information.
Currently the command "dogehelpbot exchanges" is working and spits out a list of where to buy Dogecoin in each country.
After hours of work I have personally created the list of exchanges, but if I have missed any websites to obtain Dogecoin, please let me know! Seriously, I need to know.
I plan to add more information as time goes on:
Tips will help keep this bot running.
I do not want this bot to be a replacement for the welcoming and personable nature of this community so I hope you use this in compound with an actual message!
If I see a new shibe post with a bunch of DogeHelpBot commands instead of actual discussion, I will shut this bot down faster than Moolah declares bankruptcy.
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Where can in buy dogecoins without PayPal

Where can I buy dogecoins without paypal?
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Can this be added to the dogehelpbot?

How to buy Dogecoin:
You can buy it right NOW for ~8% over current price
Buy it in a while (~24-72 hrs) with ~1% fee!
All Countries
Instant Purchase – (~8-15% over current price)
Person-to-Person Trades
Instant Purchase (~8% over current price)
Exchange Purchase (Delayed ~24-72hrs with ~1% fee)
Exchange Purchase (Delayed ~24-72hrs with ~1% fee)
Instant Purchase (~8% over current price)
Canadians are special, they get this option:
Instant Purchase through INTERAC Online (~8% over current price)
Then trade Bitcoin for Dogecoin.
Instant Purchase (~8% over current price)
Exchange Purchase (Delayed ~24-72hrs with ~1% fee)
Exchange Purchase (Delayed ~24-72hrs with ~1% fee)
Instant Purchase (~8% over current price)
Exchange Purchase (Delayed ~24-72hrs with ~1% fee)
Instant Purchase (~8% over current price)
Exchange Purchase (Delayed ~24-72hrs with ~1% fee)
Exchange Purchase (Delayed ~24-72hrs with ~1% fee)
You can also get Dogecoin through buying Bitcoin at any of these sites:
Then trade your Bitcoin for Dogecoin through these sites:
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It's still too hard to buy Doge.

Much Suspect. So emails. Many small limit. Very cancellation halfway through. Also some unscrupulous Shibes are selling waaaay above the actual rate. So it looks like I'm stuck at mining 600 a day until some of these exchanges pull their finger out and improve things. For us Shibes new to crypto its really off-putting when we place an order and the trader says. "Sorry but I just get scammed too much can only do 2k!! U want?" OK fair enough, but this is for a £5 trade. If you can't risk £5 over 3 mins while you wait for an irreversible paypal transaction to go through.... This is with it being held in escrow too so the only risk hes taking is that I'll hold the order too long then cancel and he'll get caught with a low price. Seriously just WOW. Maybe I'm just better off buying an ASIC I don't know.
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I genuinely would like to know how I can purchase dogecoin's roughly 1k worth, and if I need the money every how could I get my cash back?

I need this like a ELI5 because I really don't know what to do.
Just a history. When bitcoins were 80$ I had 10k saved up to buy in bitcoins and got talked out of it by my good friend and 2nd guessed myself. Obviously im upset about that but theres lots of opportunities in life. Anyhow how can I purchase dogecoin's safely? and where is the best place to do so? Also if I want to get my money out of it where is a place I can cash money out like is it possible to transfer the dogecoin's for cash? other than selling it to someone??
Thank you so much for any responses.
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And ANOTHER reason to never keep your coins on an exchange!

Just received an interesting email from ANXPRO, saying that if there's a split or airdrop, you will NOT receive the new coins. This is in line with the stance taken by a number of other exchanges as well.

Basically, they will pocket your coins!

Lets be clear of what's happening here...
Say you have this wallet:
If there is a split, as with Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Gold, the same keys now work on both networks. BUT... you must have the privkey to get to the new coins. And if you're using a third-party wallet, you don't have those keys, THEY do. Because as we keep saying, ITS NOT YOUR WALLET!
The same goes with airdrops. CLAMs were given to everyone who held the top 3 cryptos on a given date. If those cryptos were with exchanges, guess who got the clams? Hint: Not you. :(
So don't ever keep any coins on an exchange unless you have to. And definitely don't leave them unattended. Because there be dragons who will eat your treasure.
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I have always mined doge... How the hell do I buy it? I just want to give money... get coin.

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How to accept Dogecoin with your business, and why. A few pointers.

You are a business owner and sell goods or services. You heard about Dogecoin. You wonder how you can use it in your business. This thread is for you.
If you have no idea what Dogecoin is, read up on it here (click). In short, it is a digital currency that is perfect for everyday use. Read on if you want to know why it would be good for your enterprise.
Why should I accept payments in Dogecoin? 
Dogecoin offers you:
Dogecoin can be exchanged to national currencies. You can do this easily by yourself or use the automatic conversion offered by some payment processors (all is explained further down). You can also just keep your Dogecoin and spend it or offer it to your employees! :)
Dogecoin is fun and it gets ever more useful the more people like you use and accept it. There are other merchants who have gone this path before you - you can read interviews about them and their experiences on this blog. You can also talk with other merchants in /dogevendors, check out these testimonials ([1, 2], 3), search this subreddit and post any questions you have right here!
I want to accept donations. What are my options? 
Just download the client and put up the wallet address up on your page with donation info. Done! That's it! If you want something snazzy, check out this widget or this one (or this one) (or this one).
If you need to track who sent you how much money (for goodies and that), you could ask that donators tell you that they're sending you a very specific amount of coins (e.g. 100.424242), and match it to their name. However, this can be abused as your transaction history is public. If you're actually selling stuff, check out the next section instead.
I sell stuff online. What are my options? 
You have a lot! It boils down to one of these:
The last option can be interesting if you don't have your own web store, are selling digital goods and/or are just selling on as a side business. If your business is your main income, handling payment yourself is probably better.
1) Manually processing transactions
All you need for this is a Dogecoin wallet. You simply generate a payment address for each of your customers, send it to them and confirm that your coins arrived at the address. This is super fast to set up and there is absolutely no commitment.
If you just want to try it out before investing a lot of effort, just set up a wallet (either with the Dogecoin desktop client or an online wallet (listed under Browser "here") and let your customers know that they can now pay with Dogecoin. You can use some of these buttons if you wish( 1 2 3 4 5) and browse this asset repository of useful artwork. The graphical interface is still being developed, but you can browse the files and find license information already :)
2) Automatically processing transactions
Check out the section on APIs and payment processors further down!
3) Selling stuff through a 3rd-party site
There are a number of sites that function a lot like eBay, Etsy and Xmart. You enter your products and they handle the payment and web store stuff. This is most convenient if you have digital goods to sell (music, books...) and want to send them out automatically.
If you are an Etsy user who wants to accept Dogecoin, click here.
I sell from a physical store or location. What are my options? 
All you need is an internet connection in your store and a web-capable device, such as a mobile phone, cheap tablet or a nearby PC. On-site, your customers can send you coins using their phone, or you can sell coupons for your goods online in advance.
DogePos is a point-of-sales app that is open source and Koupah announced that they will accept Doge as well. You can use or apply for all of these tools right now! Either way, all you need is a way to 1) convert a USD price into Doge, and to 2) check that the coins have arrived in your wallet.
To check your wallet balance and Doge prices, you can use the app MyDOGE oniPhones and iPads, and this app on Android devices. This is one of many useful price converter websites you can bookmark. Checking your balance on the PC can be done with the wallet client.
If you want to sell your goods or coupons for them online, it might be easiest use a ready-made stores capable of digital distribution. Check point "3)" in the above section for some options.
Dogecoin payment processors, APIs, checkouts 
Currently, the established platforms accepting Dogecoin seem to be these:
I'm trying a tentative summary here to save you some research, but I'd appreciate comments a lot. None of the three have setup or monthly fees (except some optional subscriptions).
You can probably find people who have used one of these in this thread. This guy volunteered his code for automatic currency conversion and his help setting up the plugin for OpenCart, for example!
If you are tech-inclined, you could run your own payment server with dogecoind and an API like this. This is not yet ready for laypeople though, so don't do that unless you want to get messy.
Exchanging Doge to USD/EUGBP/other national currencies 
If you don't have your payment processor do it for you, at some point you will want to get your Doge converted to your currency of choice, which you should do at an exchange. Keep in mind that you will have to get registered and verified at the exchange, which can take up to a week.
Transfers to and from national currency can take a few days, but trading and transferring digital currencies is very fast and usually near-instant. The following exchanges let you trade your Doge for national currency directly (last updated Sep 17):
If your currency is not listed above, you can either sell your Doge here, or exchange them to Bitcoin and then sell those. I find Kraken (EUR, KRW, USD) to be the best option for EUR, but you can sell Doge for BTC on all of the exchanges mentioned above, or choose one from this list. To sell BTC for national currency, you can also go to Justcoin or LocalBitcoins. There are many similar sites - just pick the one you like best!
Things get developed incredibly fast and Dogecoin is not even a year old. This will only get easier, so keep checking back! Justcoin is looking to trade Dogecoin to national currency, and others are sure to follow.
Alright! How do I promote my business now that I accept Dogecoin? 
Note that there's a collection of Dogecoin artwork and assets for you to use in this repository, complete with license information so you can design your promotions and website with it.
1) Submit your business to these directories:
2) If you are a brick-and-mortar store, mark your business on these maps [1, 2]. Post if you have problems!
3) Make a promotion post in one of these subreddits:
You will get views, especially if you offer an interesting product or a Doge-related promotion. Hint: the best promotion is to offer a few % off for all Dogecoin purchases. Also post and comment to this just to discuss your plans and ask your questions. Come talk to us here and in /dogevendors, we are a fun community :)
This post is not updated anymore. Check the thread linked at the top of this post for the newest version. The last big edits were on Aug 4 (DogeAPI, Prelude) and Sep 17 (Updates on exchanges and websites) and Oct 22 (Moolah).
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Dogecoin price hits new all time low...

...but we still run the show in some metrics!
Transactions per Day
Dogecoin has more transactions per day Litecoin, and all other altcoins.
Sent from addresses
Dogecoin has more unique addresses sending coins per day than Litecoin, and all other altcoins.
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Is now a good time to buy Doge?

I'm still pretty new to this all, so I don't know most of the terms. But people seem to be freaking out about Doge dropping in price right now? And then there's the "Halvening", which sounds like something from Highlander. And I have no idea what a Satoshi is.
Basically, I'd love to support this coin more, so would it be a good idea to buy some from like WeSellDoge now? Or is that going to hurt things more?
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Bitcoin to Dogecoin?

What would be the easiest and most effective way in exchanging bitcoin for dogecoin. Thanks Shibes
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Dogecoin Noob Need Guidance

Hi im a 17yr old kid trying to collect dogcoins and need help. i started collecting dogecoin like a week or two weeks ago and im having a hard time accumulating the coins im still new and trying to get used to it....i heard about bitcoins from my friend and wanted to try but it was harder to get can someone help me or guide me the easiest way to get dogecoins and bitcoins?
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About trading bitcoin for GBP...

I’ve noticed the same questions begin asked in BitcoinUK/ again and again. I’ve some experience of trading cryptos in the uk, so here’s a brain dump of what I’ve learned.
BE WARNED: things change quickly and this stuff will be out of date before long. I’m writing in August 2017, by November it’ll all be different
BE WARNED: don’t take any of the below as fact - it is opinion, my opinion, and you don’t know me, I could be a crazy person. Check your shit before you do anything.
Transferring funds to an exchange
The cheapest (and sometimes only) way to transfer funds to an exchange is via an international bank transfer (sometimes called bank wire). Each exchange has its own quirks, you need to do a bit of research before you begin. Most exchanges that have GBP markets will not have UK bank accounts (none possibly), even if they’re based in the UK. I’m not sure why - some are UK registered companies and are based in London, but still don’t have UK bank accounts. It seems weird but it’s quite common. I can only assume the crappy UK banking system refused them business. Don’t be afraid of international bank transfers, they aren’t necessarily difficult or expensive.
So, some things to check for you start transferring your hard earned cash…
Be patient. What you will find is that the 1st international payment you make to any one exchange takes a long time. If they say something like “up to 5 working days”, it will be at least 5 working days. After that first one is out of the way payments can arrive same day, within a couple of hours sometimes. However, note that the international banking system shuts down for the weekend. From experience, if you need to make a payment on Friday, make sure you make it before 10am on friday morning else it’ll be stuck until monday. I think the bankers basically go to the pub for lunch on Friday, forget their way back, and just stumble into another pub.
If you want to make a payment via a debit card, thats also possible on some exchanges. Same set of warnings apply as above; make sure you understand the fees, the exchange rates and the timescales. They almost all have a link from their homepage to their fees page. If an exchange isn’t clear about their fees don’t use them, simple as that.
If you’ve found an exchange that doesn’t seem to have a KYC (Know Your Customer) policy and will let you transfer funds without any sort of ID check, don’t do it. Don’t be tempted to use them because it feels like an easy option. STAY AWAY. Similarly if they don’t offer 2FA, don’t use them. Make sure you activate 2FA immediately, like the very first thing you do after registering. I believe the current advice is not to use Authy, but to use Google Authenticator (despite how shit it is). Also, turn on email login notifications (despite how annoying they are).
The Non-banks (Transferwsie, Revolute etc)
As far as I know exchanges will typically not accept payments from these “non-bank” entities. It’s due to their KYC and AML (Anti Money Laundering) policies. The problem is that the money you transfer will go to (or come from) a bank account that isn’t in your name, which just isn’t allowed any more, and for good reason.
I know that Transferwise now offers a personal EURO account which comes with it’s own IBAN. And I think Revolute offers both personal GBP and EURO accounts (although the euro IBAN just doesn’t work at all). But I don’t know if those accounts are in your name and the banking level, I suspect not. I’d be really interested to know if anyone has successfully transferred funds to or from an exchange to one of these “non-banks”. I know that some exchanges have explicit policies against these organisations and say that they will reject your payment, which will cost you time and no doubt money.
Interestingly, Revolute is becoming a crypto currency exchange soon. More on that another day maybe.
Transferring funds from an exchange
Same principals as above really - do your research first; check the fees, check the exchange rates and expect the first ever payment to be VERY, VERY slow, like super slow, more than 5 working days, weeks maybe (i’m not joking). I’ve noticed that payments from an exchange to my bank account will almost always take longer than payments from my bank account to an exchange do. Also, an intermediary bank may be involved (what ever that is), and they’ll help yourself to some of your money on its way through, so don’t necessarily expect it all to turn up. How much do they take? No one seems to know - check the small print, or don’t bother because it won’t say.
After your first withdrawal from an exchange, international bank payments to and from some exchanges can happen same day.
The Non-banks
Making a payment from an exchange to something other than a bank isn’t something I can comment on. I am trialling Crypto Capital, on the surface it seems like a good service, but will refrain from giving my opinion just yet.
The exchanges
I’ll limit this bit to those exchanges I’ve found that have GBP/crypto markets…
** ANXPRO - rating: 3/10 Based in HongKong. In summary - expensive, slow, a bit crap, but sometimes with good prices.
From time to time good prices can be found on ANX for selling BTC for GBP. You can’t deposit funds though, you can only withdraw. So for buying BTC with GBP you might as well forget them, but for selling it can be worth while.
The BTC/GBP market is not very liquid as you might expect for a Honk Hong market trading GBPs and the large spread can sometimes mean crappy prices. I have seen good prices here, but not often.
Withdrawing funds typically takes exactly 5 working days (occasionally it’s 2 but that’s rare). Often a bit of money disappears on its way (12GBP last time I checked) due to those pesky “intermediary banks”. Their withdrawal fee’s are high but are easy to understand and calculate.
The trading fee is I think the highest I’ve seen (0.6% last time I checked) for market takers, but less for market makers. I guess they’re trying to encourage market making… although their market maker fee isn’t great either. And there are no discounts available for high volume traders.
They have a reasonable API, and the exchange doesn’t seem to suffer from many planned or unplanned outages.
Their support is also reasonable, they usually reply within a couple of days which is WAY better than most.
My confidence in the exchange in general isn’t high at all. Sometimes crypto deposits simply don’t arrive (I’m not joking). If you’re a busy trader making lots of crypto funds movements, make sure you check that each and every transfer has arrived. If funds don’t arrive you have to raise a support ticket, maybe include a link to show the crypto network transaction taking place, and some days later your funds will appear. Red flag? You bet.
Their AML processes were ok as I recall.
** Kraken - rating 2/10 Based in Japan. In summary - a bit pointless.
Possibly I shouldn’t have included Kraken here as they’ve just delisted their GBP markets (temporarily maybe). Interestingly they did this by giving ZERO notice to their customers which is a bit unforgivable.
Their technology is clearly appalling. The website is crazy slow, sometimes unreachable, weirdly designed (IMO) and just not that easy to use - mostly because it’s so slow. They have an ok API but it’s completely unresponsive at times. It’s not uncommon to get errors when placing orders so you’ve no idea if the order was placed or not, same goes for cancelling orders, order books can take minutes down download and are basically fictional. Red flag? Oh yes.
GBP deposits are cheap (10GBP last time i checked), and from memory quite fast, I think I’ve had them arrive same day. Maybe the Japanese banking system actually works? Withdrawals aren’t so cheap though (60GBP I think) and not very fast, certainly not same day.
Support is not great, but ok I guess. I feel like responses come in 3 to 5 days, and they actually attempt to answer your question.
Their KYC/AML process is very thorough. There are 4 levels of verification, it like a shit game.
Their trading fees are reasonable and they do have discounts for high volume traders.
** CEX.IO - rating 7/10 Based in the UK I think. In summary - the best place to buy crypto currencies with GBP (IMO!).
GBP bank transfers to the exchange are free, and they support Crypto Capital which is also free for inbound transfers. You can also deposit GBP via a VISA or master card, although it’s very expensive (I wouldn’t bother personally) but I assume much faster than a bank transfer. Their bank isn’t UK based so its another international transfer and takes the usual amount of time (i.e. some days).
GBP bank withdrawals are also cheap (30GBP), they even offer a withdrawal to a VISA debit card for only 2.90GBP. They do have strict limits on what can be withdrawn though, so if you’re a big trader it may not be suitable, (I think its suitable only for small time traders). Strangely they charge 1% for crypto capital withdrawals which makes no sense. I’ve checked the Crypto Capital fees page and can’t fathom why CEX have chosen to add this fee, it seems crazy.
As mentioned above, your first withdrawal to a bank account (or other payment provider) will take FOREVER, like two weeks or more. They don’t really explain this adequately in my opinion.
They have a small number of markets (BTC, BCH and ETH) but are expanding these slowly. And you can trade with other FIAT currencies as well.
Support is bad. Slow to reply, and you’ll get a stock response. Almost no effort is made to answer your question. Time between replies is several days if you get one at all.
The API is good, the website is fairly easy to understand, responsive and uptime is excellent.
Their KYC/AML process is very thorough. Weirdly I’ve had to do it twice, the second time was via email which didn’t feel at all secure. Why are the exchanges still using email for this stuff?
Their trading fees are reasonable but they don’t have any sort of discounts for high volume traders.
*** Coinbank - rating 5/10 Based in… well that’s unclear - Scotland? Belize? In summary - crazy high fees.
Deposit fees for GBP are actually zero, but withdrawal fees are way too high for both FIAT and crypto currencies. Any exchange that charges percentages for withdrawal fees (as opposed to a fixed value) should be treated with great caution. Trading fee’s are also very high.
As usual, their bank isn’t UK based so you’re looking at days to make a deposit, and many days to make a withdrawal, but as you’ve probably realised by now that seems to be the norm.
Their API is ok (the order book appears to be partly fictional) and the last time I checked the API was changing - maybe they’re still building it. The website is fine I guess. It’s quick enough and doesn’t seem to suffer from that much of planned or unplanned downtime. I don’t like dark backgrounds though and I don’t think you can change it, but that’s just me.
They don’t have many markets but do support most major crypto currencies. Interestingly they have some pure FIAT/FIAT markets which is something I’m beginning to see more of. The GBP markets aren’t very liquid either, so sometimes the spread is high which means the prices are pretty uncompetitive. Occasionally though someone comes in with a massive order so you’ll maybe get lucky and get a good deal.
It’s a while since I used their support (i’ve stopped trading because of the fees), but I recall it wasn’t great. My last ticket ended with something like ”a member of the tech team will get back to you”, and that’s the last I heard from them.
They appeared to have adequate KCY/AML procedures. They don’t offer any discounts for high volume traders.
** Coinfloor - rating 6/10
Based in the UK (but you guessed it, with an overseas bank account). In summary - a good all round exchange!
I think they pride them selves on their security and suitability for being regulated (and I hope the succeed). I like coinfloor.
They have a slightly unusual business model in my opinion. They charge a deposit fee and a withdrawal fee, but they don’t charge a trading fee. It didn’t used to be the case, and I guess may not be in the future. The fee’s are competitive though, certainly not high.
Support is excellent, probably the best I’ve encountered. Someone usually responds same day and they even read your question and attempt to be helpful with their answer. Amazing.
The website is a pretty basic no frills affair. It certainly won’t make your laptop sound like a hovercraft unlike some. One thing to mention is that you can only withdraw crypto funds to a single wallet (per currency) and that wallet must be a personal wallet and not one on another exchange. I doubt they can enforce where that wallet is, but it certainly against their usage policy.
Until recently you could only trade BTC here, but they’ve now added support for more currencies. They didn’t do it very well though, you can’t withdraw the new currencies, and they aren’t supported by the API.
The website has suffered from some long outages which were definitely unplanned. The API is mostly good though, stable, reliable and easy to use.
They do have discounts for high volume traders and their KYC/AML procedures were good as I recall.
** GDAX (aka Coinbase) - rating 5/10
I wasn’t going to mention GDAX because GBP deposits aren’t an option. However, as it’s such a large exchange it’s worth mentioning. In summary - good but a bit pointless.
GDAX does have one GBP market but getting into it isn’t very easy. You can’t deposit GBP funds into the exchange but you can sell BTC for GBP, sometimes at good prices too. You can register a UK bank account but using it is complicated - better to look at their docs rather than have me do an bad explanation. Ultimately, if you send them GBPs I think you’ll be credited with EUROs.
The fee’s are ok (but complicated), their technology is good. I don’t recall their KYC/AML procedures.
They have 2 websites confusingly; GDAX is aimed at traders and Coinbase is aimed at people who want to occasionally buy and sell. I guess Coinbase is just a simple front end for GDAX. The API is the best I’ve seen.
They have discounts for high volume traders.
In summary
I’m sure there are other GBP markets out there, and I’ll update this post when I have an opinion on them. For now though, if you want to buy crypto currencies for GBP, you best bet in my opinion is You’ll find good prices, good market depth, a small spread and enough currencies to get you started. Support is crap (but that’s the norm), but both deposits and withdrawals are cheap and reliable, you just need to be patient. If you aren’t patient however they at least have an expensive & fast option for you and that is to buy with your debit card.
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Places to buy,

Places to buy?
Often max my limit out at weselldoge (when i'm in the mood to buy)
Anyone know any other great places that take PP?
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WoW...The price is so low :(

Do You think, is there any chance to get a price higher ? i'm stuck with my 300k Doges, i would like to dig more, but now is pointless with just one r9 270x :(((
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Segwit2X Doesn't Have Support OR Consensus. Legacy Bitcoin Will Remain BTC and SegWit2X is Alt Coin B2X

"it is a standard and reasonable expectation for advocates of hard forks to attempt to do either one of two things. First, they can build widespread consensus in the ecosystem around the need for a backwards-incompatible change so as to avoid a confusing chain split."
"Or, if they cannot create such consensus, then they can enact replay protection – as bitcoin cash did – in order to cleanly split into a co-existing minority chain with minimal disruption to the ecosystem."
"Segwit2x breaks this trend by declining to enact replay protection and also failing to publicly seek and build wider community support for the adoption of the software."
"This is explained by the language of the original NYA announcement itself, which reveals a deeply flawed premise: that a consensus for such a change was already obtained since, "The group of signed companies represents a critical mass of the bitcoin ecosystem.""
Many signatories to the NYA (aka Alt Coin B2X) have now backed out & there is ZERO support from the CORE developers & very little from owners of Bitcoin BTC if the Futures Market are correct.
Wayniloans has withdrawn its support for the SegWit2x
Trading platform ANXPRO said it “will not be supporting the Bitcoin SegWit2x hard fork"
SurBTC Exchange has withdrawn its support for the SegWit2X (aka NYA, aka Alt Coin B2X)
India's Unocoin has abandoned SegWit2X (aka NYA, aka Alt Coin B2X)
F2 Pool Doesn’t Seem to Favor the Segwit2x Hard Fork
BTCC Mining Pool Stops Signalling for SegWit2x.
ANX (Hong Kong) = withdrawn support for NYA (Alt Coin B2X)
BitOasis (United Arab Emirates) = withdrawn support for NYA (Alt Coin B2X)
Bitso (Mexico) = withdrawn support for NYA (Alt Coin B2X)
Bitwala (Germany) = withdrawn support for NYA (Alt Coin B2X)
CryptoFacilities (UK) = withdrawn support for NYA (Alt Coin B2X)
MONI (Finland) = withdrawn support for NYA (Alt Coin B2X)
OB1 (United States) = withdrawn support for NYA (Alt Coin B2X)
Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:
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[BD] I want to buy 500 euro worth of dogecoin.

I want to buy 500 euro worth of dogecoin, I got a paypel, and downloaded the doge wallet from the Really new at this, so if you sell+advice i will spend 500 in one transaction. ^
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How to get started with ANXPRO in 4 simple steps! Earn 10 bitcoin 1 day fast profit How To Send Bitcoin to an Exchange Best Crypto Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin & Trade ... Risk free trading arbitrage cryptocurrency Bitcoin BOT!!!

Latest bitcoin price from ANXPRO (Bitcoin Trading Exchange) with 1h 6h 24h price, volume, margin and trend for all crypto currencies to make margin profit ANXPRO is an upcoming cryptocurrency trading platform that specialises in the exchange of cryptocurrency with fiat currencies, and vice versa. Just like other exchanges that support fiat currencies, ANXPRO requires users to authenticate their accounts proving their identity. Supported Fiat Currencies ANXPRO is a very popular cryptocurrency exchange that specializes in using both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies to buy crypto.Buying Bitcoin and Ethereum can be simple by using this company. Because of its popularity, we have created a guide for new users. Reminiscent of exchanges like Coinbase, ANXPRO is a polished exchange that offers users many options for trading altcoins. The exchange was supporting 5 cryptocurrencies and 6 national currencies. The cryptocurrencies were Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), and OpenANX (OAX). The fiat currencies supported by ANXPRO were US Dollar (USD), Euros (EUR), Japanese Yen (JPY), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), and Swiss Franc (CHF). ANXPRO

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How to get started with ANXPRO in 4 simple steps!

🎥: Top 4 Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies For Beginners! 🚩: Binance Exchange (My Favourite): 👉 Educate yourself on how to trade Bitcoin correctly, just like I have done. If you take all 3 levels, the last level is jaw-dropping as you will learn how to buy stocks for free. Get a $50 discount ... best site to buy bitcoins, bitcoin setup, where to purchase bitcoin, bitcoin qr code, btc address, where can i buy bitcoin, how to send money, easiest way to buy bitcoins, buy bitcoin now, bitcoin ... ANX Management - Ken Lo, Hugh Madden, Dave Chapman talked about the Future of Bitcoin in China. Are We Experiencing a Black Swan Event? - Robert Kiyosaki & Harry Dent [Rich Dad Show Radio] - Duration: 42:29. The Rich Dad Channel 408,089 views. New