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Welcome to IOTAmarkets! -- IOTA is a quantum-resistant distributed ledger protocol launched in 2015, focused on being useful for the emerging m2m economy of Internet-of-Things (IoT), data integrity, micro-/nano- payments, and anywhere else a scalable decentralized system is warranted. IOTA uniquely offers zero fees, no scaling limitations, and decentralized consensus where users are also validators. The digital currency 'iota' has a fixed money supply with zero inflationary cost.

Australian Government Tracks All Bitcoin to AUD Conversions

Australian Government Tracks All Bitcoin to AUD Conversions submitted by BTCNews to BTCNews [link] [comments]

Bitcoin to australian dollars exchange btc to aud Conversion

Fast converter 1 btc to aud conversion coinbase news updates exchange bitcoin to australian dollars fee calculator premier automatic deposit and withdrawals
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Bitcoin to australian dollars exchange btc to aud Conversion

Fast converter 1 btc to aud conversion coinbase news updates exchange bitcoin to australian dollars fee calculator premier automatic deposit and withdrawals
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Bitcoin to australian dollars exchange btc to aud Conversion

Fast converter 1 btc to aud conversion coinbase news updates exchange bitcoin to australian dollars fee calculator premier automatic deposit and withdrawals
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Australian Government Tracking AUD-to-Bitcoin Conversions

Australian Government Tracking AUD-to-Bitcoin Conversions submitted by BTCNews to BTCNews [link] [comments]

How To Read Cryptocurrency Charts

Have you a concern about how to read cryptocurrency charts? Well, this is so easy for you at the Bitcoinsxchanger site. Cryptocurrency charts have become one of the necessary items to make you aware of the progressed crypto prices and costs. They are also useful once you make your mind to compare digital assets with each other. In this way, such charts are a source of comfort for the new users so that they can easily search for anything related to the helpful news about crypto price. Our cryptocurrency charts are containing the crypto exchange charges that are just according to the world’s market.

What Is Eth To AUD

Although people have gotten great development in the area of Ethereum, but still there are many inquiries that can raise showing impatience and anxiety about Ethereum trade. Therefore, there is a need to satisfy them with the proper response and extra details to clear the concepts. It is the demand of time to be known to everything that is crucial to get the admirable results from cryptocurrency. What is eth to AUD is an eagerness of customers who have not much experience and skills to grow up the crypto market. Eth is actually a short term of Ethereum and it is one of the growing crypto coins that can be converted to AUD.

Invest Eth To AUD

If you have consternation about how to invest Eth to AUD, then have a look at the amazing apparatus and highly technical system connected with this website. This will help you in accomplishing the major task to get the desirable results from a small investment in Ethereum and other branches of crypto coins. Bitcoins xchanger intends to assist you to reach a level that serves as the main success point for yours. Start achieving your dreams from this superb platform where possible crypto deals and a discount is available for you. Once you have successfully joined our crypto group, there will be a large number of options to get success in this sector.

Sell Eth To AUD

Are you rummaging the most legal and real services that give enormous money in exchange for crypto coins? You can’t find such superior services that are available here to sell Eth to AUD. You can easily acquire the most trusted features and astonishing offers to amaze Ethereum to AUD transformation and make it special as well. There are sufficient tricks and a large number of possibilities to make the selling and buying of Ethereum at any place of the world successful in a way to allow you to send money anywhere. Wherever you are, just join us and get a positive impact on your crypto dealings.

Best Exchange Eth To AUD

Getting connected with this website, it is conceivable to get the conversion feedback from the side of the best exchange eth to AUD currency. There are many unique things you can perform at this website to make Eth to AUD exchange pleasant and particular for you. There is a chance to win a surprising amount once you have successfully done with the process to turn Ethereum to the Australian dollar. In the future, there can be great competition in this field because, at that time, there is a 100% possibility that the worth of Ether will increase by a huge margin. Make your way clear to obtain the expected outcomes from Ethereum trading.

Online Eth To AUD Convert

There is a complete online Eth to AUD convert system that is automatic so that you don’t have to calculate the operations or calculation related to the estimation of rates manually. This saves you from wastage of time and increases the chances of accuracy in the practices of Ether. The online mechanism can attract a large number of individuals as they don’t have to wander anywhere outside to search for the best exchanger or company that can provide help with a cryptocurrency exchange. Today, approximately all the companies offer an online system but our company has efficient crypto turning setup for you.
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Transfer AUD To PHP Currency Online

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How To Withdraw AUD To PHP

It is worthy to get a probability to turn AUD to PHP using uncomplicated steps that can reduce your time and anxiety about how to withdraw AUD to php. Bitcoins xchanger allows you to consider an easy transmission of AUD to Philippine and deposit payment to the bank account in a direct way with great comfort. Come to examine valuable updates of AUD trade at the rates that will be fixed at a particular time. With getting all the current information and a treasure of precious currency data, it becomes very easy for you to see the bright chances of a prospect to attain high money.

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Eth To AUD Withdraw Cyptocurrency

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Convert Ethereum To AUD - Ethereum Mining Rig For Sale

The world is relying on crypto coins. This has become the fantasy of everyone to trade in Ethereum. There are still many countries in the map where bitcoins, Ethereum, and all other crypto coins are strictly prohibited because of some reasons. However, people try to invest in cryptocurrency and want to see a profitable way in this field. If you don’t want to pay a high transaction fee on the other platforms to convert Ethereum to AUD, this online crypto exchange system is the best option for you to discover a variety of ways to make Ethereum trade develop quickly.

Ethereum Mining Rig For Sale

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Buying Ethereum Australia

Buying Ethereum Australia via this platform can really prove beneficial because of the best rates and other advantages of using it. Unlike many other online websites, you don’t need to give us the high money as taxes. This makes our services highly recommended and demanded across the world. The online system is available anytime to assist and facilitate you at every stage of crypto processing. Don’t miss its worthy guidelines to complete your targets that are about cryptocurrency that is now an important part of the world and considered as well as processed by people in every day millions of transactions.

Ethereum Price AUD

Get live Ethereum price AUD to make your way open to the highly successful Eth trade. Our crypto services are being used in many countries for the purpose of smooth crypto conversion. We intend to provide high-level security and privacy that revolve around every crypto transactions. Do you expect to have the simplest policy to convert Ethereum to AUD? This site is available to help you with this. Starting Ethereum trade can be a symbol of more profit and it can prove as a fortunate journey towards a crypto field. Explore different techniques that are very helpful to be professional in the cryptocurrency world.

Ethereum To AUD

Ethereum to AUD real-time exchange is possible with the highest profit. Convert Eth to AUD and receive your payment through the oldest and safest payment methods. As cryptocurrency has become a dignitary field, we want to provide you the most secure and anonymous way for its exchange purpose. Use the latest Ethereum to AUD dollar converter in order to get the most accurate results without any error. We are here to give your way smooth towards the latest crypto tools. The simplicity and high performance of tools provided by our platform have become one of the charming and attractive factors for regular customers.

Ethereum Classic Reddit

Blockchain is expected to be a future trend and its impact can be seen clearly these days. It is possible to explore the current Ethereum classic Reddit price. You can also get the live Ethereum vs Eth classic Reddit graphs. If you are newly entering in Ethereum world, you may be interested to know how to make Eth classic Reddit profitable. This platform brings new ways to make you able to earn a lot of money from Ether classic Reddit that is showing a bold plan to keep its blockchain secure. Use this latest place to have way towards the updated Eth classic Reddit prediction.
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How To Exchange Australian Dollar To PHP

It is not always easy to send money abroad. Use this site to convert the Australian dollar to PHP and transfer funds anywhere in the world. As it has become the demand of our customers to know how to exchange Australian dollar to PHP, we provide high-performance services to give them a facility to exchange prices between any two currencies easily. Bitcoins xchanger is one of the platforms that is giving complete security and affordable services, making it easy to exchange AUD to PHP with the most efficient converters. Get the conversion rates of any currency that you want with the recent market exchange rates.

Convert AUD To PHP Currency

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How To Transfer Australian Dollar To Peso

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Where To Buy Eth To AUD

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ETH To AUD Calculator - Buy Bitcoin With Mastercard

Bitcoinsxchanger platform uses such an Eth to AUD calculator that has the potential to give you 100% accurate results. This saves enough time giving you a guarantee that you will have the correct calculations. Therefore, this site has made the bitcoin trading system all over the world the easiest as well as simplest for you. A beginner should not get worried about how to start the conversion process of cryptocurrency as this site guides in the best way, giving a lot of best facilities and amazing offers. So, stay tuned to this amazing website and get updates instantly about cryptocurrency.

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Banca internacional #03 UK LT BG MT DE – Intro EU y Fintech

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Background e intro
La Union Europea y en cuestión el Area Economica Europea o single market es un colectivo de veintiocho estados, cuales en su mayoría abolieron todo tipo de controles migratorios internos. También llamado Area Schengen, aunque esta, no incluye los veintiocho miembros sino, veintiséis.

De la misma manera, el “single market” o Eurosystem, mercado común europeo y su moneda de facto el Euro, ISO 4217 : EUR no se usa en todos los miembros del área política. Sin embargo todos los miembros de la Union Europea y varias de las jurisdicciones que no usan el Euro como su moneda de intercambio oficial (Romania, Polonia, Suiza, Dependencias de la corona, etc.) son parte del área SEPA compuesta por 36 miembros.

SEPA, Single Euro Payment Area es un protocolo de créditos y débitos bancarios entre personas físicas o legales de rápida ejecución operando 100% bajo el estándar IBAN. Es moderno comparado con otros sistemas similares como el ACH o wires locales americanos, ciertamente anticuados y de un costo mucho mas alto de operar.

Por regulación del ECB (European Central Bank) los pagos SEPA ya sean créditos o débitos deben ser gratuitos y se considera ilegal cobrar por una transferencia SEPA.

Esto dicho, varias instituciones cobran un “fee” por la ejecución de transferencias SEPA bajo alguna descripción a modo de eufemismo.

Si bien SEPA es considerado relativamente moderno, SEPA ICT (Instant Credit Transfer) ya se encuentra desarrollado y en proceso de implementación. Bajo el nuevo standard, las transferencias SEPA son ejecutadas en tiempo real con el fin de incentivar la implementación y adopción de las tecnologías fintech desarrolladas por privados bajo el tutelaje del ECB.

Desde hace aproximadamente diez años, el ECB comenzó a liberalizar el mercado bancario a modo de desconcentrar el monopolio de la banca europea. De esta manera dieron comienzo a las entidades EMI (Electronic Money Institutions). Entidades quasi bancarias, las cuales pueden ofrecer IBANs personales de manera instantánea y emitir tarjetas de pago (en general no debito sino prepagas directamente ligadas a una cuenta personal).


La flexibilización de la banca europea via fintech tiene sus rarezas, la mayoría de las nuevos “bank challengers” usaron frases del tipo “we are not a bank, we are better tan a bank” y similares. Muy cool a los ojos de un millenial rebelde sin embargo el wording es exacto. Una entidad EMI no es un banco, no está siquiera remotamente cerca de serlo. Estas entidades no operan con efectivo, ni en general ofrecen créditos, o inversiones o tasas de interés (mas allá de que la tasa de interés del ECB se encuentra en el área negativa hace años) porque la verdad es que una entidad EMI no está a autorizada a tomar depósitos en Euros.

Cuando decimos “Electronic Money Institution” en realidad debería leerse más como “token”, la gente que usa crypto entenderá de manera más fácil. Al momento del depósito, la entidad mueve nuestros Euros a una cuenta a su nombre en una entidad bancaria real en general en la jurisdicción en la cual está registrada y licenciada aunque esto no es necesario. Los depósitos, a diferencia de un banco, no se pueden ofrecer a modo de prestamos ni se pueden invertir y se deben mantener segregados. Como una especie de cuenta escrow. En el mismo momento, de manera instantánea intercambia 1 for 1 cada euro por un token dentro de su plataforma al que le podemos poner el símbolo y nombre de euro pero al mismo tiempo no lo es. Al momento de efectuar un pago fuera de la plataforma el ejecutor intercambia nuevamente nuestro token por 1 euro cash que se encuentra depositado en la cuenta escrow y lo envía via SEPA o SEPA card hacia un comercio o una persona física/juridica a modo de pago.

Esta pequeña diferencia hace que el statement “we are not a bank” tenga un significado mucho más verosímil en lo legal de lo aparentemente anunciado. Y por esta razón, suelen lidiar con clientes de mayor riesgo que un banco tradicional. A manera de un sandbox monetario.

El problema principal, más allá de la oferta de banca básica y el peligro de que la entidad desaparezca de la noche a la mañana sin dejar rastro. Los depósitos en las EMIs no están cubiertos por el seguiro de depósitos de ninguna jurisdicción ni por el ECB.

En un comienzo, hace unos años uno podía abrir una cuenta en algún país del báltico, recibir una tarjeta MasterCard en Euros y empezar a recibir pagos de manera instantánea luego de un onboarding básico de 5 minutos vía una App. Algunos proveedores inclusive ofrecen una dirección de Bitcoin a la cual, si uno envía BTC, es convertido automáticamente a depósitos en EUR a la cotización del momento del clearing de la transaccion. Suena too good to be true no?

Bueno MasterCard y Visa también pensaron eso. En el 2018 cancelaron todas las tarjetas de los EMIs en Europa y renegociaron las licencias de emisión. Muchos proveedores de servicios financieros nunca emitieron tarjetas nuevamente y se dedicaron solo a cuentas virtuales. Los proveedores que sobrevivieron y encontraron su nicho se vieron en una situación grow or die.

Pero como se puede crecer sin poder ofrecer más servicios bancarios, crypto estaba sufiendo un slump terrible… Ah si, licencias bancarias.

Y así llegamos al presente, donde “we are not a bank” es una falacia y si, ya somos un banco. Tenemos una licencia, aseguramos tus depósitos y podemos ofrecer más servicios bancarios. El passporting de servicios está en toda su gloria, a costo de muchos de nuestros beneficios. La consecuencia principal? Todos los usuarios de riesgo, eliminados. Non-residents? Fuera, Gambling? Fuera, Crypto trading? Fuera…

KYC más estricto(si se lo puede llamar asi), mayor escrutinio de transacciones, CRS, suspensiones de cuentas y otros detalles están a la orden del día.

En la situación actual, siguen existiendo EMIs que hacen menos preguntas al costo de algunos Euros por mes. Donde podemos enviar y recibir fondos de un crypto Exchange o de TransferWise (a contrariedad de BruBank*… EJEM…*) y operar pagos de manera normal. No es un arreglo definitivo pero es de bajo costo y puede servir de “buffer” entre negocios que pueden atraer cierto escrutinio a nuestras cuentas en banco tradicionales.

Obviamente esto es un arma de doble filo y afecta a todos los miembros de la cadena de la misma forma. En mi caso, tuve que hacer un “White listing” luego de un intercambio de emails con soporte, de cuentas en Lithuania en las Crypto Exchanges que uso porque no querían procesar mis depósitos y ponían todas mis transacciones on hold de manera indefinida. La explicación? “Too much fraud from those suppliers”.

Esto dicho, para las instituciones que no son crypto friendly, esto puede ser la salvación. Un depósito de otra cuenta a tu nombre es mejor que un depósito a nombre de Kraken Payward o Bitstamp Limited.

Las licencias bancarias son un gran desarrollo para el mundo fintech europeo, lamentablemente tiene un gran costo a nivel usuario. Hay muchos menos proveedores que ofrezcan servicio a no residentes.

Los riesgos de los EMIs son reales, muchos han desaparecido sin dejar rastro, otros como WorldCore se vieron enrollados en lavado de dinero Ruso y cancelación masiva de sus tarjetas por parte de Visa y MasterCard Europe a punto tal que se vieron obligados a cerrar. WorldCore sigue en venta hoy día. SataBank un banco digital basado en Malta de capitales Bulgaros entro en administración para nunca más reaparecer.

Otros tuvieron que reinventarse o separarse. PayMix se disolvió en dos compañías una para personas físicas y otra para personas legales. Ejemplos de este tipo existen por montones.

Instituciones de interés

Globitex – UK/Lithuania
Licencia: Crypto UK/Wallet EMI Lithuania
Cuentas: Personal/Business
Tarjeta: No.
No residentes: Si.
Detalle: Globitex es un crypto broker el cual simplifica el intercambio de crypto por fiat via el uso de un servicio de wallet (EMI) el cual posee un IBAN personalal y unico a nombre del UBO de la cuenta.
El servicio tiene algunos costos sin embargo es una buena alternativa para ejecutar pagos via SEPA.
En este momento 14 dias de trading sin costo, imagino que las operaciones de la cuenta si tienen costo, sin embargo desde que empezaron a ofrecer el servicio, los cargos por operar se han reducido substancialmente.

MisterTango – Lithuania
Licencia: EMI
Cuentas: Personal/Business
Tarjeta: Temporalmente suspendidas.
No residentes: Si.
Detalle: Las cuentas funcionan, la mía personalmente desde hace más de 2 años. Existe integración a su propia exchange de crypto. Ofrecen servicios para traders de crypto y dirección de BTC con deposito a EUR instantáneo.
Hay que tener en cuenta que la oferta de servicios en el pasado era muy superior. Incluía dirección de BTC, transferencias SWIFT, transferencias SEPA, tarjeta MasterCard Euro, acceso al Exchange, top up de la cuenta via tarjetas de debito/crédito y opción de una API para facturar.
Hoy día está dividido en diferentes segmentos y el pricing varía según el paquete elegido, nacionalidad y residencia.

LeoPay – Bulgaria
Licencia: EMI
Cuentas: Personal/Business con preferencia a Estonian e-residents.
Tarjeta: Si, debito Visa, con condición de dos tarjetas por cuenta o una tarjeta por currency.
No residentes: Si.
Detalle: Originalmente llamado LeuPay registrado en Malta de capitales Bulgaros. Usaban de backend SataBank, así que si leyeron lo anterior entenderán el cambio de nombre de la entidad.
Cuentas multicurrency en EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, RON, HRK, JPY, BGN, PLN, CZK.

Paysera – Lituania
Licencia: EMI
Cuentas: Personal/Business. Es posible obtener más de una cuenta por cliente.
Tarjeta: Si, debito Visa.
No residentes: Si.

PayMix Pro – Malta
Licencia: Institución financiera Maltesa
Cuentas: Business
Tarjeta: Debito
No residentes: Si.

Prospero – Malta
Licencia: Institución financiera Maltesa
Cuentas: Personal
Tarjeta: Debito
No residentes: Si.

Deutsche Handelsbank – Alemania
Licencia: Bancaria propia.
Cuentas: Business. Es posible obtener más de una cuenta por cliente.
Tarjeta: No.
No residentes: Si.
Detalle: Es un pequeño banco alemán que se especializan en cuentas únicamente para personas legales con licencia y backend bancario propio.

N26 – Alemania
Licencia: Bancaria propia.
Cuentas: Personal/Business
Tarjetas: Debito/Crédito
No residentes: No*.
Detalle: No aceptan no-residentes en el Area economía europea, sin embargo si aceptan pasaporte Argentino y cualquier numero de móvil. El requerimiento es una dirección de correo en el Área Económica para recibir la tarjeta. (Chripre no es una opción para la dirección).

Revolut – Lithuania/UK
Licencia: Bancaria propia (UK)
Cuentas: Personal/Business.
Tarjeta: Si, variedad dependiendo del tier.
No residentes: No*
Detalle: Revolut evoluciono desde una licencia de EMI a una entidad con licencia bancaria. Siempre en las noticias por las razones equivocadas, han quedado atrás los días en los que la banca Lituana los decepcionaba. Lamentablemente los reportes de cuentas congeladas persisten y rehabilitarlas puede tardarse meses.
Revoluto ofrece tarjetas con conversión de divisas usando el mid-market rate y sin FX conversion fee. Ofrecen crypto trade (CFDs) y muy recientemente una plataforma de inversiones. Si han leído mi post titulado Banca internacional #02 – United Kingdom, where it all began y repararon en el detalle de que la licencia bancaria es de Reino Unido, si, están en lo correcto. Esta entidad no puede técnicamente aceptar no-residentes si tiene una licencia bancaria ringfenced. Sin embargo, tal como es el caso con varias de alternativas, una dirección de correo dentro de Reino Unido o Europa suele bastarle a los clientes para hacerse de una cuenta.
UPDATE: Recientemente Revolut agrego un setting muy interesante, la cual permite, una vez registrados como clientes cambiar la residencia fiscal. No hay muchos datos con respecto a qué efectos tiene sobre la cuenta más allá de una suspensión quasi instantánea. Sin embargo! Según la jurisdicción de residencia fiscal seleccionada, también nos puede dar como opción “Email us to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and let’s see what we can do.”

Licencia: Money transfer (UK), EMI (Lithiania)
Cuentas: Personal/Business y Borderless, 4 currencies GBP, EUR, NZD, AUD y condicionalmente USD.
Tarjeta: Si, MasterCard para residentes del Area Economica Europea.
No residentes: Si.
Detalle: Conocido por casi todos hoy día, la aplicación de cabecera para remittances elegida por todos los millenials. No es la mejor sin embargo es la que tiene mejor publicidad y estrategia.
Se sabe que hay clientes quienes han usado datos postales europeos para registrarse y han logrado recibir la tarjeta en condición de no residentes.

Disponibles fuera de sus países de registro en breve

Insha – Alemania con backing de Al Baraka (Turquía)
Detalle: Primer banca islámica digital en Europa. Que esto no los detenga en ver el servicio que ofrecen. Dado los servicios que ofrecen (y la carencia de interés computado en depósitos) es una plataforma idea para banca Islámica.

ToMoRRoW - Alemania
Detalle: Banca alemana sustentable.

Kontist – Alemania
Detalle: Banca digital para pequeños negocios o freelancers con implementación de contabilidad y taxación.


Algunos EMIs solo ofrecen tarjetas. En general son productos sub-prime y consecuentemente los fees son usureros. No voy a entrar en detalle sobre el ofrecimiento de servicios de estos proveedores, pero les dejo algunos por una cuestión de mera curiosidad y cobertura de alternativas.

Nota final
Existen muchos servicios más de tipo pseudo bancario en Europa. Podría publicar un post infinito con 500 URLs y links a cada uno de ellos. Muchos con respaldo de Bancos centenarios y prácticamente todos con requerimiento de residencia en la Unión Europea. Si desean mas información, puedo hacer un post apartado. Pero más allá del landing page, no van a poder utilizar ningún servicio.
Es más fácil abrir una cuenta en un banco normal para no residentes en Europa de manera personal que intentar circunventar la legislación y regulación pertinente a los bancos o EMIs digitales reservados para Europeos.

Token Wallet address BTC 19xvUdQoZosrzYKNaTCK834zRkg5Bogop BCH qqqmyqjspnq0fazk9wvv0elc8vxdp2rkvgfqs3s87x LTC LKNvBgwEtE3w7oEUYiSVb96qCe7xFDBvp8 ETH/DAI 0x1cbbcf2ca8849893ad7feac5ef5c735f6d91fa4e XMR 44AXEt8ZkmjgGuUrPaoNTzBGhp92L3HozSYxAip7dz8qL6A3neJBriLRSjC8Qnam4tEhfw2yXzcXsbZ2dJiWHDC7Ji8nBvx 
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05-03 04:24 - 'M21GlobalCenter - cryptocurrency website (It may be a SCAM)' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/cheez2806 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 44-54min

I'm making this post as I'm receiving alot of DMs about my situation as people encountering the same thing. I'm very new to this - did alot of searches etc. so this is what I did that may help some people and I did get my money back. I also could be lucky in that they thought if they returned it I might invest more? It wasn't a large amount, I put in 250AUD and got it back. Lost $2 from like transaction fees etc. I'm thinking if I put in more than 250AUD like thousands - perhaps they would just take the money and not respond at all? I'm not sure but here's my two cents worth.
The potential SCAM website is: [[link]5
  1. If you have just made a deposit - call your bank now and talk to them about this. Is there anything they can do to cancel the transfer or something.
  2. Some people have file police reports too.
  3. Also report the profile on the social media website if you haven't so. I couldn't as I deleted my CMB account one day after I added them on Whatsapp. I got tired of it all so just decided to take a break from it.
  4. Block them on Whatsapp or Instagram after you have attempted to get your money back. If they message you asking how you are going etc. I still replied so they aren't suspicious that I found out they are scammers.
I liked a profile on Coffee meets bagel and they liked me back and then started chatting away. Long story short - he introduced me to M21globalcenter and guided me how to deposit, buy and sell.
The deposit required my passport or license to verify who I was - I did a quick google search and some avenues do required that. So I did that. Deposit was successful the next day.
So the next day he guided me through the buy and sell - so he guided me to purchase USDT using the 250AUD I deposited and then he taught me how to trade it to earn. I think that's what happened Lol. Anyway so I saw that I earned some small increment on my account.
So obviously later his conversation always turned to persuading me to go to this website to do more investments etc. so I told him I will stop for a bit and check out other platforms. Then he said alright you can withdrawal anytime if you want to stop and talk to chat support for assistance. So that's where I didn't block him nor talked to him anymore. Its only then I did a reverse image on his photos (profile pic) his using some one else's photos from Instagram. So I didn't block him yet but didn't want to alarm him in case his scam team may decide to do something to my money or details etc. I contacted my bank and made an note with them.
I didn't go back to ask him how I can withdraw even though he said if I have trouble I can ask him. I went to the webpage to explore a bit and they had two ways on the webpage to withdrawal. One is the "withdrawal funds" page. This will ask for your bank details and its submitted as a request. I didn't know how to use the other withdrawal at that time so I resorted to this one first - however I got back a email saying that I had filled things out wrong. So I went on to ask chat support and they said to give them those details over chat support and that I filled the information wrong. Then I stopped because the info I gave was correct. I'm guessing they couldn't work out which was my bsb and account number so I guess the platform's withdrawal form is just poorly formatted to just entering your bank account number. Being skeptical I went to check out option number 2 in a bit more detail.

[Withdrawal fund page]2
Option 2 is "withdraw" link under "asset management"

[Select your currency that you had purchased e.g. I purchased USDT - under this page for me, all other cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, ETH if I click into it, it all says withdrawal suspended. I don't know whether its related to time of the day? Some times the page is open to those withdrawals.]3
So if I select USDT I should see this:

[Withdrawal address is your digital wallet address]4
So then I was like okay I have no idea what that then I went to chat support and ask about this withdrawal address and they were like oh, you better off to withdrawal through the withdrawal form because its much quicker and just insisted I use the withdrawal fund form instead of this. Anyhow I closed chat and went to do more googling.
Then I figured out how to use this and enter the "withdrawal address". I must have a digital wallet so I went to download EXODUS according to reviews and also some redditors comments of it. This withdrawal address is the code or link or what ever you want to call it, its like your bank account number for your digital wallet.
Once downloaded, just follow through the sign up process. Then you can proceed with the sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. HOWEVER! you need to also have some ETH currencies in exodus because they charge a small transaction fee for sending or receiving fees.
How did I get ETH into Exodus?
I signed up to coinspot - as I'm based in Australia and they take AUD so to avoid international transaction fees etc. I used their platform to purchase $10 of ETH. The purchased ETH is stored on the coinspot's digital wallet on the website.. So I sent the ETH from coinspot to my exodus wallet using the "withdrawal address" as requested when you are sending or receiving cryptocurrency. Now just in hindsight - I could have just sent the USDT to coinspot wallet instead. Anyhow this is my first time so I'm kinda all over the place with this.
So once that's all set up. I went back to M21globalcenter and copied my exodus "withdrawal address" into the relevant section and waited. So in the mean time as I didn't get the cryptocurrency in the next few days - I went to exodus support team and asked how long does it normally take and explained to them what I encountered. They mentioned that M21 is most likely a custodial platform where they operate through banks hence the transactions taking longer is a normal occurrence. They also encouraged me to go back to M21 support to ask them how long it would take for the money to go into the digital wallet. So I did - initially I was really reluctant to do so because I was sure I'm not gonna get the money back but worth the shot I guess.
I went back to M21 chat support and ask them how long it would take for the withdrawal to a digital wallet should take and they kept going back to saying use the withdrawal fund request form like a broken record. But I insisted no, I wanted it digital so then they said they cannot give me a time frame because it depends on when they process it and whether they approve of it. Anyhow just like 5 minutes after this conversation - I got the USDT in my exodus wallet.
Then I transferred the USDT to coinspot wallet and then withdrew funds on the coinspot and got it back $258AUD in the next few days in my bank account. ($250 +$10 ETH I put into Exodus minus $2 dollars transaction fees here and there)
Hope this helps
M21GlobalCenter - cryptocurrency website (It may be a SCAM)
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: cheez2806
1: www.*2*glob*lc**ter.*om 2: prev***it/e*5psp**kg***.png?*i*th***00&a*p;for*at=p*g&aut*=webp&s=a1e2**d3da**d5e5ec****ef*5*d10e37*77ecb* 3: previ*w.redd.i*/p29bd*d3*gw41.*ng?wid*h*1*3*&a***for*at=p*g&au*o*we*p*amp;s=7*5a*****39*15bad4a4421*a*fec2523b*db*1* 4: previe*.r*d*.it/fneo5*flmgw**.*ng?width*1**0**mp;for*a*=p****mp*auto=we*p&a*p;s*286*07f**b2f6d6*d*a*44c4*86ad594*85c1c63 5: *w*.m21*lo*alc*nt*r*com]^^1
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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Bitcoin Conversion Rate today - Price Calculator Btc To Inr

Get realtime price btc to inr cad usd euro British Pound aud foreign currencies exchange rate calculator online bitcoin conversion rate today predictions
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Value of bitcoin

I work as mortgage broker ( Australia ). Recently, I had a client who is building his dream house and wanted to get some help from his family from UK. He told me their family tried to transfer some money from UK to Australia but their daily limit to overseas transfer was £5,000 only but had to pay £50 for each transaction so while transferring £50,000 it would cost them £500 in top of that they would loss close to $5,000 in conversion ( bank fees and international transaction fees ).
He never heard of bitcoin and I explained him how it works and he was able to transfer money easily and instantly with bitcoin with much less fee. He was very happy.
I thank bitcoin and Satoshi for creating such magnificent means of transfer and store of value.
Edit 1: yes he will have to satisfy gift otherwise he might get trouble from ATO. I advised him on this.
Edit 2: he advised me that he used Huobi Australia to exchange it for Aud. They only charge 0.2% fee to trade so fee was much less compared to international money transfer.
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Australian Tax Law and Crypto

Crypto and Tax Australia - Date: 26 March 2018
I was sent this by the tax office:
We have just updated our website and cemented our position on cryptocurrencies. For more information see Tax treatment of cryptocurrencies or go to and search for QC 42159.
Capital Gains Tax
When does it apply?
Currently individual Cryptocurrencies are a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Asset..
When you sell or otherwise dispose of an asset it's called a capital gains tax (CGT) event. This is the point at which you make a capital gain or loss.
Therefore, a CGT event applies each time crypto currencies are traded (sold or converted) - whether they are traded for another currency or cashed out. - regardless if there is no exchange of funds (AUD$).
For every capital gains tax (CGT) event that happens to your assets during the year, you need to work out your capital gain or loss.
If you have both capital gains and capital losses, you also have to work out your net capital gain or net capital loss for the year.
When working out your capital gains or losses, include the transaction conversion in Australian dollars at the time of trading on your spreadsheet.
How do you record Capital gains or losses to your Income tax return?
At the end of the financial year your capital gains can be reduced by the capital losses. This is then added to your income. Capital Gains and or losses are recorded in your income tax return, under the Capital Gains section.
Capital gains discount
Capital gain can be reduced by 50% for individuals if held for 12 months or more.
For information see Capital gains tax or go to and search for QC 22147
What I have learnt about ATO laws and crypto in Australia in my own words:
Ok- so I have now had about 2 hours discussion with the Tax Office and want to outline what I have learnt - for good and bad. If you want to be legal this is what you have to do. I submitted these points to a tax office rep. who verified they are correct as at 26th March 2018.
  1. Every single sale is a taxable event- that means coin to coin and coin to AUD - every single one! That is a shock to most of us - but unfortunately true.
  2. Every time you make a gain you have to record it and it is a taxable event. EG- you buy ETH with AUD- then buy NEO - if this took 1 hr and in that time ETH went up by $10 before u bought the NEO you just made $10 taxable dollars on the ETH as u buy the NEO!
  3. The tax office does not concern itself with what we call "profit," that our folio app may show, it is concerned with net gain or losses on individual transactions.
  4. So EVERY transaction (buy and sell) has to be logged with the corresponding AUD value so gains and losses can be determined.
  5. Blockfolio app is perfectly set up for tracking all of this - If you diligently add each transaction accurately, it will log the info you need in AUD. You can look at a purchase price for a coin in AUD - the sell value in AUD and determine gain or loss on each sale- and log it.
  6. I am also using a second ledger in an excel doc. as another record in case the app dies for whatever reason. I will transfer the details from blockfolio into this file on each transaction.
  7. The tracking headers for the excel doc would be something like:
AUD buy
AUD Sell
Profit or loss:
  1. If you sell a coin at a loss- it comes off your taxable total at end June 30- as do all your fees and other expenses- eg's a Ledger, PC, ISP fees, backup HDD, etc (some may have to be depreciated over a few years).
  2. Some good news is that if you sell an alt coin into BTC or ETH at a profit (attracting CGT) and then into AUD, (it will be approx. the same value if done quickly), the change into AUD is also potentially taxable but there will usually be next to no change in value- if done quickly. You can thus cash out and not have to use something like USD Tether and rebuy whenever you like. The CGT will have applied to the gain as you exited crypto into AUD via ETH or BTC.
  3. Turning crypto into AUD is not the crux of what attracts CGT- it is every single coin or cash exchange that results in a gain or loss.
  4. Coins you bought at any given time do not attract CGT as they appreciate- only when you sell them. So if you made 500% gains in your portfolio no CGT is attracted until you sell for another coin or AUD.
  5. CGT gains are added to your personal income- so most will be in higher tax brackets.
  6. There is no $10,000 "get out of CGT" clause that applies to crypto.
  7. If you have a partner in life, and purchase crypto currency with joint funds, you have to share the CGT across both of your tax returns. It can be a nominated percentage for this Join Tenant arrangement, but you must be consistent. The percentage you choose at your first return (EG 60/40%) has to be maintained for the entire time you are into crypto.
  8. The tax office has developed and is improving on a tool to help you work out your CGT obligations- it isn't mandatory you use it and should be able to be found on the ATO website.
  9. Coins bought and held for 12 months attract the benefit of a 50% discount in CGT. This applies to specific coins and not "your crypto in general" It does not mean you can buy and sell crypto all year and then turn it into AUD after a year and pay tax on your profit that you cash out.
This process is complex for crypto investors- especially if you are an active day or swing trader- To be compliant with Australian Tax law this is how to do it. Essentially, it is fair as losses and costs are deducted from profit. This process gets hard for crypto traders to bear when we may have bought at one price, made gains then our portfolio drops. In practice, you could be liable for more gains that have attracted CGT than "profit" you show in your portfolio when there is a crash. It's hard to take but it's the way the Aust. Govt. is approaching crypto and all investing actually. At this stage, the ATO is treating crypto like all other investments and some of the differences may, in my opinion, not be fully appreciated by law makers and potentially may change in the future. I expect this would be a slow process.
I realise ppl may say "Well, the tax office doesn't know what I'm up to and I will just declare any taxable gain when I cash out." That is your prerogative- I'm just passing on what the legal approach to this is FYI. Do with this info what you may- I hope it is helpful in some way.
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Bitcoin Conversion Rate today - Price Calculator Btc To Inr

Get realtime price btc to inr cad usd euro British Pound aud foreign currencies exchange rate calculator online bitcoin conversion rate today predictions
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[Review] Hermés Apple Watch band review from TB

Hi RepLadies, this is my first review! Hope you enjoy it and please let me know if you have any questions.

Price and Payment method:

188 RMB. Shipped using EMS as part of a 1.6kg haul which was approx $42 AUD and $4.97 AUD for rehearsal shipping. And a few dollars went towards a tip to the agent.


(Was waiting for a pair of Vans and BLACKPINK merch, to arrive at my warehouse before shipping the haul\*******)*
This took a while for EMS compared to my past hauls but no complaints here because it only took 2 days longer than it usually takes. However I wanted to note it seems using an AusPost parcel locker followed a different route to what happens when I use my home address. I live in nothern Sydney and the domestic route usually is: ends up in the international clearance centre about 25km away from me gets sent to a local distribution facility ends up in my lap about half a day later. This time around though it went to Melbourne for clearance, then to Tasmania to sit and chill, and then finally to my loving arms (or just my left arm, in this case).
TL;DR: this package travelled a further 1500km more than my EMS packages from TS usually do. I’ll keep experimenting with parcel lockers and let you Aussie ladies know how it goes (unlike my regular orders from The Iconic, I probably shouldn’t get cheeky counterfeits delivered to my work address)

Agent: 8.5/10

-1: As an Aussie RL member, SuperBuy charging in USD instead of CNY means I go through two currency conversions: CNY > USD (on SuperBuy’s exchange rate) and then USD > AUD (on my credit card or Paypal’s exchange rate) every time I purchase an item. Unfortunately no way around this AFAIK.
-0.5: I have bought two bands from this TB seller through SuperBuy (one still in warehouse), and both times they have messaged me to say it’s an incorrect size because the band itself isn’t 42mm long (38mm / 42mm / 40mm / 44mm refers to the Apple Watch screen size, not the width of the actual watch). The first time I thought this was going above and beyond from SuperBuy’s part, which I appreciated, but now they’ve asked again I’m assuming they’re going to do this every time I order. This item is low-key popping off on Reddit so I’m hoping they’ll learn and won’t make this an additional step for everyone ordering.

Quality: 8/10

Locks right into the Apple Watch perfectly and as good as their official bands. There’s no fear of my watch going flying like on the cheap Amazon/eBay third party bands.
-2: This “leather” may as well be sandpaper compared to the buttery smooth feel of the auth. That’s probably a bad analogy – it’s perfectly fine for wear (as long as you’re not using it at the gym of course), comfy enough and not irritating to the skin in the slightest. Here's a better analogy: the quality of the “leather” (not entirely sure what the material is tbh) would be low/mid-tier DHGate rep as opposed to what we’d be getting from a high-end TS.

Accuracy: 8.5/10

The colour and stitching are on point compared to the product shots on Apple’s website. I can only report on the single tour orange band I bought, but there are a couple of reviewer’s shots in the review section of the listing on TB of the traditional brown one too. No idea how good the double tour one is.
It doesn’t come with a branded box but I’m not deducting a point for that because it meant I could ask SuperBuy to chuck it out and save on shipping.
-1: Hermes logo is engraved on auth, on this rep it’s just printed. But there’s no way for anyone to tell unless they’re studying your wrist extremely closely.
-0.5: The leather being different to the auth is not an immediate giveaway. This rep fooled a friend who works at Apple until he looked closer and felt the leather.

Communication: 10/10

The seller was very prompt to respond to SuperBuy’s request for exchange (at first when SuperBuy informed me that the seller sent me the wrong size, I thought they meant the seller sent me the 38mm instead of the 42mm, so I filed for an exchange). The seller replied to SuperBuy and within a day I was told no exchange was required because the watch band was the right size for me.

Happiness: 9/10

Definitely my best TB purchase thus far into my one month RL career. Can’t go wrong with this if you don’t mind the mid-tier DHGate-level materials used. A friend who is generally a bit snobby towards reps was impressed by this and is gonna make an exception and wants me to order them one! It would be a dream for a high-end rep one day (especially of the new bands they've just announced) but I'm thrilled to have this to spice up my watch band rotation.
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Herriot Lux Pet Data Unification Protocol (PUP) - Concept - White Paper - Petcoin (PETC)

Openning up a discussion and peer review to challenge and question the concept Herriot Lux Inc, a not-for-profit organisation based in Melbourne, Australia, have developed since January 2018. The ERC20 token Petcoin (PETC) is a utility token that is a driver of the ecosystem we are building.
Using a suite of applications addressing four problems:
  1. Poor horizontal transfer of pet health data.
  2. Lack of hybrid stablecoin payment system to allow cross-border settlement of pet insurance globally.
  3. High entry requirement for quality veterinary practice management software.
  4. Poor coverage of basic health care to pets owned by owners on restricted budgets.
One of the choke points in veterinary data management is client data friction between clinics, clinicians, specialists, referral clinics and laboratories, all attempting to address patient problems with incongruous and often digitally incompatible data.
What we are attempting to do with PETC is to solve this problem by creating a mobile pet owner-facing data storage app which seamlessly integrates and displays pet medical data from multiple vet clinics, specialty centers and laboratories.
In Australia, there are a handful of professional veterinary software management programs (Rx Works, CHS, VetlinkSQL, IDEXX Cornerstone, Henry Schein). Most are proprietary and incompatible with other software. Some veterinarians use in-house ad hoc software systems.
It is not uncommon for new clients at a clinic to present with multiple pages of historical data, often inconclusive or vague with respect to diagnoses and treatments.
What we are attempting to create is a digital data management system for veterinary patient health records, stored within an app that is free to use, authorizes the pet owner as custodian of the data and allows seamless integration and updates from other veterinary sources (specialists, laboratories, prior clinics).
The driving impetus to pull pet data toward the pet owner’s app (and this drive adoption) is peace of mind arising from having cogent and integrated veterinary records on the single app. Pet owners will thus request and thus legally procure relevant data from their veterinary provider without compromising veterinary records or confidentiality.
Blood results, radiographic and CT results, diagnoses, and medical therapies can be procured through pet owner request.
For startup clinics, the app also functions competitively as a fully operational veterinary practice management software (VPMS).
The app is currently being implemented as a beta app with CHS (Ciderhouse), a No. 2 VPMS based in Melbourne and operations worldwide.
Starting in January 2018, we have also been working on CHS integrating our app with Petsure insurance underwriting. This feature will hopefully be rolled out in 2020.
The PUP app features Petsure insurance underwriting, incorporated through Ciderhouse's CHS software. Insurance premiums and veterinary payout settlements will be done via a Herriot Lux proprietors stablecoin, provisionally called PUP.
The advantage of using a utility token as a hybrid stablecoin for settlements of insurance premiums and payments is that they allow immediate, secure, decentralised, low fee payments across borders.
In addition to using Petcoin (PETC) obtained through the app as a form of Pet Savings, tethered to Australian Dollars. Petcoin can be earned in a variety of ways, including being a pet insurance policy holder and an amount of Petcoin given when taking out cover for the first time or during policy renewal. This Petcoin can be redeemed at market rate to contribute to insurance gap costs for treatments and consultations and the Vet being paid in Australian Dollars.
Balance tracking through the mobile app would display a Tethered Value (value amount of fiat currency used to obtain Petcoin) and a Market Value (value that can be attained for PETC on digital exchanges). In the event that the market value becomes lower than the tethered value, the mobile app user can still access the value as is held reserve by Herriot Lux.
A tokenised ecosystem has all the features of fiat without the high fees associated with other fiat payment methods. With users in multiple countries, Herriot Lux would be able to settle premiums and payouts immediately without waiting for bank settlement.
Initially tethered to the AUD$, but over time would be weighted against other currencies including the US$ and GBP£.
The advantage of tokenised hybrid stablecoin settlements of insurance premiums and payments is that they allow immediate, secure, decentralized, low fee payments across borders. Enabling Vets to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets and being paid in Australian Dollars, with PUP facilitating the conversion.
Most VPMS software are limited to Western country based veterinarians, with poorer countries relying on open-source software such as MS Excel, etc.
A low cost veterinary practice management software (VPMS) oftware would be incorporated into the app as an add-on feature, either through an in-house VPMS or use of existing VPMS such as CHS through software licensing agreement.
Our medium term goal is to develop PUP into its own blockchain amalgam. A public/private chain for pet data including genealogical lineage validation, genome data an immutable memorialisation enshrining an animals social media content alongside medical history. On top of the aforementioned features.
For further detail our White Paper can be viewed here
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Kickstarter Roundup: Feb 4, 2018 | 25 Ending Soon (including: Nemesis) & 51 New This Week (including: Xia expansions)

What this is:

This is a weekly, curated listing of Kickstarter tabletop games projects that are either:
All board game projects meeting those criteria will automatically be included, no need to ask. (But the occasional non-board game project may also sneak in!)
Expect new lists each Sunday sometime between 12:00am and 12:00pm PST.

Ending Soon

Project Info Status Backers Avg Pledge Ending Comments
FATESLAYER A set of 32mm miniatures set in dark fantasy. All produced in-house and in resin for maximum detail. (Has currently earned $11,590 of $6,000) 193% 187 $62 02-05 kicktraq #minis
Fourth Quarter Football - Gridiron Miniature Game Fourth Quarter Football, a tactical game which recreates the thrill of American Football, with fantastic detailed miniatures. (Has currently earned £16,502 of £7,000) 235% 146 £113 02-05 kicktraq
Freyja's Wrath: Dark Age & Fantasy 28mm Shieldmaidens An entire army's worth of badass women for your dark age & fantasy wargaming. (Has currently earned £26,501 of £4,500) 588% 399 £66 02-06 kicktraq #minis
Bad People - The Party Game: 'RED' Expansion Pack Find out what your friends really think about you in this hilarious party game! Introducing......The BAD PEOPLE 'RED' Expansion Pack! (Has currently earned $5,086 of $5,000) 101% 231 $22 02-07 kicktraq #expansion base game
Ian Brody's SHAEF A two-player, card-driven World War II strategy game covering the period from June 1944 to March 1945. (Has currently earned £8,441 of £10,000) 84% 184 £46 02-07 kicktraq
ANDice - The World's First Series of Ancient Numerical Dice Discover the Origins of Numbers and Games (Has currently earned $12,768 AUD of $3,700 AUD) 345% 406 $31 AUD 02-07 kicktraq #dice
Nemesis Board Game A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives. (Has currently earned £2,282,947 of £50,000) 4565% 24807 £92 02-07 kicktraq
Infinite Galaxies Core Rules Sci-Fi Action, Powered by the Apocalypse! (Has currently earned $5,325 of $6,000) 88% 167 $32 02-07 kicktraq #rpg
HATE Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you. (Has currently earned $1,015,707 of $200,000) 507% 7359 $138 02-07 kicktraq
The Red Dragon Inn 7: The Tavern Crew With pockets full of adventurers' gold, it's finally time for the staff to take a break! The crew of the Red Dragon Inn join the party! (Has currently earned $120,182 of $10,000) 1201% 2008 $60 02-08 kicktraq #expansion base game
Goblins Corsairs Goblins + Pirates, What more do you want? (Has currently earned €48,154 of €4,000) 1203% 488 €99 02-08 kicktraq
Hermetica An abstract strategy board game where each player's turn consists of 3 actions for synergistic opportunities to outwit their opponent. (Has currently earned $26,794 of $25,000) 107% 544 $49 02-08 kicktraq
Deja Vu: Fragments of Memory A game played with an innovative "Binary System" of Mancala sowing and Tableau Building. Beautiful theme, easy to learn, fun to play! (Has currently earned HK$522,088 of HK$60,000) 870% 1186 HK$440 02-08 kicktraq
Re-Chord A guitar themed Euro game in which players use real picks, chords, and play songs to gain the most fame. make/100 Re-Chord Rockstars (Has currently earned $23,909 of $7,500) 318% 588 $41 02-08 kicktraq #take2
Gather - Conversations You Crave An unforgettable guided conversation in a box. Unleash stories. Deepen relationships. Spark joy & meaning. (Has currently earned $22,916 of $10,000) 229% 135 $170 02-08 kicktraq
PolyHero Dice - Rogue Set From the shadows rolls a PolyHero Dice Set for heroes of a more mysterious kind. Rogues, Thieves, Assassins... steal yourself a set! (Has currently earned $182,892 of $50,000) 365% 4600 $40 02-08 kicktraq #dice
President Bigly A light-hearted game of pigs, politics and pandemonium. (Has currently earned $2,186 of $1,000) 218% 35 $62 02-08 kicktraq
Tiny Epic Zombies - A Game of Brutal Survival Play as hopeful survivors, or the Zombies, in this 1-5 player game featuring competitive and cooperative modes, and.. more ITEMeeples®! (Has currently earned $686,680 of $15,000) 4577% 18812 $37 02-09 kicktraq
GO ECO: The Classic game of survival. The card game that allows you to Attack, Defend, Kill, Protect Steal, Trap, Hack and Surrender!!. It's all happening on your tabletop! (Has currently earned $2,563 CAD of $15,000 CAD) 17% 126 $20 CAD 02-09 kicktraq #take2
Street Rod - build and race your own Hot Rod. With EarlyBird It’s the summer of 1963 and for a few bucks you buy your own Rod. Soup it up, race it and beat the King. With Early Bird only €10! (Has currently earned €3,345 of €2,200) 152% 189 €18 02-09 kicktraq
Neanderthal & Greenland Survival of the fittest cultures in pivotal times. (Has currently earned $203,704 of $10,000) 2037% 3192 $64 02-09 kicktraq #2.0/#3.0
TinkerTurf - Full Color Wargaming Terrain TinkerTurf is a full color, pre-cut, easily assembled wargaming terrain product. (Has currently earned $58,659 of $45,000) 130% 368 $159 02-09 kicktraq #bling
The Mansky Caper The Tabletop Game of Robbing Rooms and Dodging Booms! (Has currently earned $13,819 of $10,000) 138% 370 $37 02-10 kicktraq #take2
Last Stand As you’re losing, you’re getting cards to help come back and win! You’ll need a bit of skill, a dash of luck, and play politics! (Has currently earned $30,471 of $10,000) 304% 877 $35 02-11 kicktraq
Monster Highway A tile placement game where 2-4 players build roads, move cars and move a monster. (Has currently earned $7,322 of $12,000) 61% 85 $86 02-11 kicktraq

New This Week

Project Info Status Backers Avg Pledge Ending Comments
140 CHARACTERS Tweet... Follow... Kill! (Has currently earned $113 of $10,000) 1% 2 $57 03-22
1918: Brother Against Brother - The Finnish Civil War Division. Conflict. A nation at war with itself. A battle for the soul of Finland. A wargame about a little-known moment in history. (Has currently earned $7,032 of $7,500) 93% 113 $62 02-28
Agents of Mayhem: Pride of Babylon Pride of Babylon is a story-driven 3D tactical boardgame based on the newest video game in the Saint’s Row universe - Agents of Mayhem. (Has currently earned $90,211 of $30,000) 300% 1044 $86 02-27
Animo: A Living Deck Bible Verse Card Game Animo is 1 product with 3 uses: A 2-player Strategy Game, a Family Style Game, and a Parenting Tool for encouraging biblical values. (Has currently earned $6,197 of $7,500) 82% 80 $77 03-04
Arena Game Mats EXTRA LARGE 20in x 32in KS Exclusive Arena Game Mats for your gaming purposes. (Has currently earned $426 of $25) 1704% 12 $36 02-28 #bling
Arkon Arkon is a fast paced, non-linear strategy card game that employs a unique bidding based resource system and multi-use cards! (Has currently earned $13,313 of $5,000) 266% 357 $37 03-03
Arrows - A Game with a Point ARROWS is a collection of unique arrow playing cards and rules for 4 intriguing and engaging games. It's different - it's FUN! (Has currently earned $149 of $2,500) 5% 19 $8 03-02
Battledigm A fast-paced, two player deck building card game (Has currently earned $1,160 of $3,000) 38% 23 $50 03-03
Bitcoin Empire: To The Moon 2.0 A card game about bitcoin and a conspiracy that the moon landings are fake. (Has currently earned £725 of £300) 241% 12 £60 02-17 #take2
Black Earth: HEAVY METAL High quality resin cast vehicles and troops for our own sci-fi miniature wargame in 28mm, 15mm and 6mm scale. (Has currently earned €6,228 of €5,000) 124% 79 €79 03-03
Bugs: Into the Tunnels Two Hour Wargames brings you "Bugs: Into the Tunnels" - a complete game playable with our minis and resin tunnel sections (Has currently earned $2,296 of $2,500) 91% 23 $100 02-13
Cogs and Commissars: The Revolution Will Be Mechanized Atlas Games is making a cleverly competitive card game about revolutionary robots. We need your help, comrades! (Has currently earned $9,323 of $11,717) 79% 205 $45 03-01
Compositions A fast-paced and colorfully abstract tile game for 1-4 people, where competitive creations are always unique. (Has currently earned $560 of $3,500) 16% 25 $22 03-03
Custom Dice - Your design. Many Shapes & Sizes Full color, robust textured printed dice. Our new revolutionary print technology for small print runs. (Has currently earned $647 of $1,000) 64% 22 $29 03-23 #dice #bling
Deck-Fast! A Different Deck / Dice Box for Tabletop Gaming Dice Box, Deck Box for Magic the Gathering, MTG, Pokemon, Yugioh, Arkham Horror, EDH, Commander, DND Spell Cards, Force of Will, LCG (Has currently earned £2,029 of £800) 253% 101 £20 03-05 #bling
Dungeon Allies A Worker Placement Game where Dungeon Dice are the Workers! (Has currently earned $2,848 of $40) 7120% 45 $63 03-30
Dungeon Solitaire: Devil's Playground A dungeon-delving adventure game with custom illustrated cards. (Has currently earned $4,399 of $2,500) 175% 113 $39 03-01
Earth Chan CCG Nani?! An Earth Chan Collectible Card Game?!? (Has currently earned $150 AUD of $15,000 AUD) 1% 2 $75 AUD 04-02
Endeavor: Age of Sail Lead an empire in the Age of Sail; make your mark on history as the maps of the world unfold! Gripping Euro strategy for 2-5 players. (Has currently earned $208,730 CAD of $75,000 CAD) 278% 2331 $90 CAD 03-01
Eternal Kings Welcome to Eternal Kings — the game that combines the classic strategy of chess with the diverse combos of a card game! (Has currently earned $9,017 of $20,000) 45% 160 $56 02-27
Fields of Green - Grand Fair An expansion to Fields of Green (Has currently earned $28,775 of $15,000) 191% 972 $30 02-22 #expansion base game
Florida Saltwater Tournament Fishing "It's A Game" Encourage people to go fishing, learn about some of the fish around Florida, and bring the family back to the table to play games! (Has currently earned $691 of $15,000) 4% 6 $115 03-07 #take2 #lolwut
Full Art Damage Deck - X Wing Miniature Game Get rid of the boring text cards! The X-wing miniature game deserves better! Introducing full art damage deck deck cards. (Has currently earned €659 of €2,000) 32% 22 €30 04-03 #bling
Hammered Heroes - Standard Edition A balanced strategy game with attitude that's designed to get your drinking friends into card games and your card game friends drunk. (Has currently earned $7,192 of $10,000) 71% 122 $59 03-01 #take4
Herbalism Can you outsmart your friends and be the first to save the world from a terrible pandemic in this logic and deduction game? (Has currently earned $16,720 of $10,000) 167% 369 $45 02-21
Kaiju Stadium: A Game About Giant Monsters Playing Sports The latest artisan, hand-crafted board game from Spriteborne. Two players, strategy, and custom crafted just for you. (Has currently earned $367 of $750) 48% 6 $61 03-01
Laruna: Age of Kingdoms A thematic high-fantasy 4x with high levels of social interaction brought to you by the creators of The Shared Dream. (Has currently earned $36,819 of $30,000) 122% 303 $122 03-02 #take2
Lexicons of Dueling Japanese Katana A simple and complete card game that simulates martial combat in a most ingenious manner! (Has currently earned $2,611 of $5,400) 48% 27 $97 03-03 #expansion base game
Lightning & Bolt — an asymmetric co-op superhero adventure! A game of superheroes & robots for parents & kids, from the creator of Vast & the illustrator of Everdell // A proud part of MAKE 100 (Has currently earned $4,482 of $3,500) 128% 324 $14 02-14
Loot N Shoot You are shooting goblins with rubber band guns. Do you really need more information? Yes? Check out the campaign below! (Has currently earned $8,866 of $25,000) 35% 138 $64 03-01
Make 100 Trap-A-Rex Dinosaur Hunting Game A herd of Triceratops must stop a pack of hungry Tyrannosaurs by strategically immobilizing them while avoiding being eaten. (Has currently earned $616 of $1,000) 61% 9 $68 03-02
Make 100: Cameo—A card game featuring 100 backers Cameo is a tabletop card game in which every card in the game is a different backer of this project. (Has currently earned $5,792 of $7,000) 82% 108 $54 03-02
Metal Gaming Coins: The Fantasy Series by D20 Collective Metal gaming coins that will enhance any tabletop roleplaying game, LARP-ing session and add exquisite flavor to any game night! (Has currently earned $6,741 of $4,500) 149% 170 $40 02-24 #bling
MicRxobe MicRxobe is a team competitive game between an Infection and Antibodies in a system. (Has currently earned $42 of $200) 21% 6 $7 02-23
Perspective The game Perspective delivers a fun way for friends to get together and share their perspectives on everyday situations. (Has currently earned $33 of $6,000) 0% 3 $11 03-01 #lolwut
Planet Apocalypse An exciting co-op board game in which post-apocalypse heroes confront the hordes of Hell. (Has currently earned $172,173 of $100,000) 172% 1265 $136 02-26
Premium Cribbage Board Game - Solid Wood & Copper Inlay These cribbage boards are sure to wow your opponents! With Premium Hardwoods, Precision Machining, Copper Inlay, and Solid Metal Pegs. (Has currently earned $2,377 of $500) 475% 22 $108 03-02
Pulp Detective Pulp Detective is a 1–2p card detective game in the pulp universe: Grab your gun, find the clues and confront the criminal at the end! (Has currently earned $26,653 of $7,000) 380% 780 $34 02-28
Quirk! Legends A super fun, happy, amusing, mischievous card game for people who love being unicorns, dragons, superheroes and evil villains... (Has currently earned £1,252 of £5,000) 25% 53 £24 03-03 #expansion base game
Rep Your City!® Board Game (Detroit) A 2 to 10 player trivia and strategy board game all about Detroit. Other major cities coming soon, but we need your support! (Has currently earned $1,364 of $5,000) 27% 15 $91 03-04 #lolwut
Sagas of Midgard: A Cinematic Norse Tabletop RPG Sagas of Midgard is a new, cinematic Tabletop RPG that prioritizes storytelling over numbers with a deadly combat and raiding system. (Has currently earned $3,573 of $1,200) 297% 46 $78 03-01 #rpg
Show & Tile - a creative party game The fifth Jellybean Game. A tangram game for 3-6 players of all ages from the creators of Seikatsu. (Has currently earned $7,030 of $10,000) 70% 150 $47 02-28
The End of Yomi's Gate This is your last chance to get a physical copy of Yomi's Gate, a samurai and oni war game, made directly by the game's designer (Has currently earned $2,912 of $750) 388% 17 $171 03-01
The Europa Incident - 2-4 Player Game of Near-Space Conquest Enhanced deckbuilding Sci-Fi boardgame. Manage your resources, upgrade and deploy your spaceships, conquer the Main Asteroid Belt! (Has currently earned €5,867 of €18,000) 32% 143 €41 02-28
The Invitation The Invitation is a 3 to 5 player cooperative tabletop game where the players explore a derelict mansion and fight to avoid madness. (Has currently earned $1,339 CAD of $14,000 CAD) 9% 19 $70 CAD 03-05
Tower Capture Part strategy. Part luck. All fun! (Has currently earned $1 of $10,000) 0% 1 NA 03-01 #hmm
Treasure Road - A fun board game for casual gamers Treasure Road is a fun board game that looks like a retro computer game. Coins, yellow boxes, cool dice and much more. Easy and fun. (Has currently earned €151 of €12,000) 1% 7 €22 03-02
V'lar: Starship Maps & Miniatures 24x36 inch deckplan poster & set of 4 miniatures - organic alien ships for Starfinder & other sci-fi space RPGs. (Has currently earned $2,709 of $2,000) 135% 68 $40 02-24 #bling
Vote ME! the Party, party game by Redwell Games A vocal voting game for 3+ players. Players split into Parties & give Speeches on randomised Policies and Themes to win the most votes. (Has currently earned £387 of £2,500) 15% 15 £26 03-01
War & Empire III "Dark Ages" Phase III of our War & Empire project will cover the Dark Ages. From the decline of Rome to the rise of Byzantium. (Has currently earned £25,807 of £10,000) 258% 219 £118 03-03
Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star and Xia: Missions and Powers Expands the universe of Xia. Pre-painted miniatures! New Sectors! New Missions! New Powers! A 1-5 player sandbox-style space adventure! (Has currently earned $251,459 of $55,000) 457% 4339 $58 02-20 #expansion base game
Looking for more comprehensive Kickstarter gaming information? Check out the meta listings on BGG, explore Kicktraq's data-driven views, or, of course, Kickstater's Tabletop Category.


  • #hmm means that something about the project seems a little off. Buyer beware kinda thing.
  • #lolwut is reserved for projects that seem like trainwrecks. Check 'em out for amusement.
  • #take tags are for projects that have been restarted for some reason, with the number indicating what iteration we're currently on.
  • Did I miss something? Particularly stuff that might go in the Comments column? Let me know and I'll add it in.
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Kickstarter Roundup: Jan 14, 2018 | 13 Ending Soon (incl: Postcard Dungeons) & 32 New This Week (incl: Western Legends)

What this is:

This is a weekly, curated listing of Kickstarter tabletop games projects that are either:
All board game projects meeting those criteria will automatically be included, no need to ask. (But the occasional non-board game project may also sneak in!)
Expect new lists each Sunday sometime between 12:00am and 12:00pm PST.

Ending Soon

Project Info Status Backers Avg Pledge Ending Comments
The Legacy Line Board Game Collection A re-launch of the entire Legacy Line of board games. Albion's, Sherwood's, Neverland's, Gascony's and Hyrkania's Legacy content. (Has currently earned $11,471 CAD of $6,500 CAD) 176% 70 $164 CAD 01-15 kicktraq #reprint
Dwar7s Winter A hand-building, worker placement, resource management game with tower defense elements for 1 to 4 players. (Has currently earned $89,316 of $15,000) 595% 1280 $70 01-15 kicktraq
Dogtag An attention grabbing card game for dogpeople. Post pictures, comments, and go viral in a race for fame as the top dog! (Has currently earned $7,743 of $7,000) 110% 189 $41 01-15 kicktraq
Orc Invaders - 28mm Sci-fi Orc Miniatures 28mm futuristic orcs armed with a variety of weapons. (Has currently earned £753 of £150) 501% 43 £18 01-16 kicktraq #minis
Frankenstein Faktoria Role Playing Game Frankenstein Faktoria is a rules-lite tabletop roleplaying game where YOU play one of the Doctors tragic creations... (Has currently earned £1,834 of £1,000) 183% 104 £18 01-16 kicktraq #rpg
JANX: A game of misgivings & poaching presents The white elephant is an apex omnivore with no natural predators—so we created one! JANX™ is a gift-exchange game for 4 to 30 players. (Has currently earned $8,787 of $8,500) 103% 153 $57 01-17 kicktraq
Kung Pao Chicken - A Secret Identity Card Game A zany party game that will keep the whole family guessing and laughing. (Has currently earned $2,084 of $1,000) 208% 110 $19 01-18 kicktraq #take2
Shoudo: the Scorched Earth Game A Japanese-themed strategy game with historic factions and a new board every time. (Has currently earned $8,270 of $10,000) 82% 125 $66 01-18 kicktraq
The Life You Can Lead game "It's like the best college course on practical ethics condensed into 45 minutes and 100x funnier." -- Michael, actual reviewer (Has currently earned $446 of $1,000) 44% 20 $22 01-19 kicktraq
Postcard Dungeons A tiny game of small adventures. Own the most portable dungeon crawl ever made. (Has currently earned $19,781 of $1,000) 1978% 2638 $7 01-19 kicktraq
Cyneric's Call RPG Core Rulebook An original Tabletop Roleplaying Game that uses only the D12 dice to create story-driven experiences. (Has currently earned $1,723 of $1,000) 172% 56 $31 01-20 kicktraq #rpg
Polyhedral Dice Ties Gaming brought to your dress attire!! (Has currently earned $3,065 of $1,000) 306% 102 $30 01-20 kicktraq #bling
RESCUE MAC, IN10SE MINUTES RESCUE MAC is a real time cooperative clock racing 10 minutes of intense decision making. (Has currently earned $3,014 of $680) 443% 106 $28 01-21 kicktraq

New This Week

Project Info Status Backers Avg Pledge Ending Comments
32mm Fantasy miniatures Wolthorn is producing high quality 32mm fantasy miniatures for painting and gaming. (Has currently earned $2,438 of $2,500) 97% 89 $27 02-06 #minis
ANDice - The World's First Series of Ancient Numerical Dice Discover the Origins of Numbers and Games (Has currently earned $7,810 AUD of $3,700 AUD) 211% 246 $32 AUD 02-07 #dice
Auditions: The Game Have you ever dreamt of your moment in the spotlight? Have you ever wondered what it was like to perform? Well look no further.. (Has currently earned £210 of £5,000) 4% 7 £30 01-24 #take4 #lolwut
Bad People - The Party Game: 'RED' Expansion Pack Find out what your friends really think about you in this hilarious party game! Introducing......The BAD PEOPLE 'RED' Expansion Pack! (Has currently earned $2,797 of $5,000) 55% 149 $19 02-07 #expansion base game
Bombs Away Bombs Away is a cutthroat party game of strategy, deception, and trust building for 4-10 players. (Has currently earned $1,491 of $9,000) 16% 23 $65 02-17
Championship Baseball 1979 dice/card Game Championship Baseball 1979 is a two team individual card set for the Pine Tar Dice Game Engine. The cards feature a streamlined layout. (Has currently earned $337 of $200) 168% 16 $21 02-02
Corsair Leader CORSAIR LEADER is a solitaire board game putting you in the cockpits of US Navy and Marine aircraft battling the Japanese during WWII! (Has currently earned $44,159 of $17,000) 259% 357 $124 02-01
Countdown: Action Edition One Reckless Action Hero, an Out of Control Hostage Situation, who will You Trust? Welcome to Countdown, the 80's hidden role game! (Has currently earned $7,143 of $7,500) 95% 168 $43 02-02
Crypto Rampage - The Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Boardgame Trade, mine, hack and hustle your way to a fortune in this realistic & funny boardgame. (Has currently earned £607 of £40,000) 1% 16 £38 02-12
Darklands: Starter Hosts II In the dark lands, YOU command the hosts of man and beast that your ancestors once did for power, glory or just to survive... (Has currently earned £4,392 of £10,000) 43% 83 £53 01-23 #rpg
DB Super Driver Game! (Bonding, Learning, Fun and Memorable) Upgrade to FAMILY time - designed with fun and learning elements, Super Driver Game nurtures kids, family bonding and sweet memories. (Has currently earned $938 of $2,800) 33% 22 $43 02-14
Deja Vu: Fragments of Memory A game played with an innovative "Binary System" of Mancala sowing and Tableau Building. Beautiful theme, easy to learn, fun to play! (Has currently earned HK$241,927 of HK$60,000) 403% 567 HK$427 02-08
Everdell: A Beautiful Board Game of Cards and Critters Grow your settlement in a charming world of lively forest critters in this elegant worker placement/tableau building board game. (Has currently earned $148,805 of $35,000) 425% 2115 $70 01-25
Gather - Conversations You Crave An unforgettable guided conversation in a box. Unleash stories. Deepen relationships. Spark joy & meaning. (Has currently earned $14,565 of $10,000) 145% 63 $231 02-08
Goblins Corsairs Goblins + Pirates, What more do you want? (Has currently earned €40,695 of €4,000) 1017% 486 €84 02-08
Hermetica An abstract strategy board game where each player's turn consists of 3 actions for synergistic opportunities to outwit their opponent. (Has currently earned $16,456 of $25,000) 65% 340 $48 02-08
Highlander: The Board Game A fast-paced game of strategy and chance in which up to 5 immortals battle to claim the prize. There can be only one! (Has currently earned £20,189 of £10,000) 201% 721 £28 02-02
Infinite Galaxies Core Rules Sci-Fi Action, Powered by the Apocalypse! (Has currently earned $2,276 of $6,000) 37% 70 $33 02-07 #rpg
Last Stand As you’re losing, you’re getting cards to help come back and win! You’ll need a bit of skill, a dash of luck, and play politics! (Has currently earned $11,152 of $10,000) 111% 314 $36 02-11
Masque of the Red Death A game of deduction & treachery based on Edgar Allan Poe's foreboding short story and fully illustrated by renowned artist Gris Grimly! (Has currently earned $40,279 of $15,000) 268% 646 $62 01-26
Neanderthal & Greenland Survival of the fittest cultures in pivotal times. (Has currently earned $96,218 of $10,000) 962% 1643 $59 02-09 #reprint
Palace of Gold Flip cards to collect a bunch of stars and end your opponent. (Has currently earned $106 of $1,000) 10% 3 $35 02-07
Re-Chord A guitar themed Euro game in which players use real picks, chords, and play songs to gain the most fame. make/100 Re-Chord Rockstars (Has currently earned $14,875 of $7,500) 198% 360 $41 02-08 #take2
Roll Out Boards: Pegs & Jokers Board Game Pegs & Jokers, A Game of Strategy, Chance, & Tricks. Roll Out Boards Has Developed A Creative Twist On A Classic Game. (Has currently earned $159 of $1,150) 13% 5 $32 02-12
SUET the Card Game - Evil Geniuses & Dastardly Devices A light, fast paced "take that" card game that will have you laughing maniacally or crying... or maybe both! (Has currently earned $368 of $500) 73% 13 $28 02-12 #take2
Supernatural Socks - A Tabletop Game About Lost Socks Have you ever lost your socks in the dryer? Well, Supernatural Socks is a game about the ghost that takes those socks. (Has currently earned $5,524 of $10,000) 55% 170 $32 01-31
Tactician: the Game of Battlefield Strategy Play as a medieval general and use all of your skills at tactics and strategy to destroy your opponent and emerge victorious. (Has currently earned $552 of $5,000) 11% 13 $42 02-10
The Legacy Line Board Game Collection A re-launch of the entire Legacy Line of board games. Albion's, Sherwood's, Neverland's, Gascony's and Hyrkania's Legacy content. (Has currently earned $11,471 CAD of $6,500 CAD) 176% 70 $164 CAD 01-15 #reprint
The Mansky Caper The Tabletop Game of Robbing Rooms and Dodging Booms! (Has currently earned $5,811 of $10,000) 58% 175 $33 02-10 #take2
The Witness Game The Witness Game was designed to assist the young & the young at heart with sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in their communities. (Has currently earned $0 of $15,000) 0% 0 NA 02-09 #lolwut
Time Portal Leave everything behind to conquer a beast like no other, Machine Intelligence. Can you save the future? (Has currently earned HK$3,065 of HK$2,000,000) 0% 5 HK$613 02-07
TinkerTurf - Full Color Wargaming Terrain TinkerTurf is a full color, pre-cut, easily assembled wargaming terrain product. (Has currently earned $11,247 of $45,000) 24% 108 $104 02-09 #bling
Triplanetary - The Classic Game of Space Combat From the dawn of the hobby, a classic space game returns . . . Triplanetary depicts ship-to-ship space combat in the Solar System! (Has currently earned $27,094 of $20,000) 135% 582 $47 02-09 #2.0 1st ed
Western Legends A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less. (Has currently earned $246,631 of $60,000) 411% 2914 $85 01-28
Looking for more comprehensive Kickstarter gaming information? Check out the meta listings on BGG, explore Kicktraq's data-driven views, or, of course, Kickstater's Tabletop Category.


  • #hmm means that something about the project seems a little off. Buyer beware kinda thing.
  • #lolwut is reserved for projects that seem like trainwrecks. Check 'em out for amusement.
  • #take tags are for projects that have been restarted for some reason, with the number indicating what iteration we're currently on.
  • Did I miss something? Particularly stuff that might go in the Comments column? Let me know and I'll add it in.
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🔥How LivenCoin Will Work for Merchants🔥

🔥How LivenCoin Will Work for Merchants🔥
It’s likely that the blockchain ecosystem wouldn’t be at the stage of development it is at without the passionate decentralisation and blockchain enthusiasts who contributed to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency’s meteoric increase in notoriety over the past few years.
While this technology will undoubtedly revolutionise industries moving forward, its current nascency means there’s a significant rift between the enthusiasts, and those who might have never heard of crypto. Each are at opposing ends of the spectrum, and very little is being done to bridge the gap.
For business owners, putting in 60+ hour weeks to fuel your passion means there’s probably not a slot on your calendar marked “Work out what the hell cryptocurrency is”, so when you hear about Liven’s plan to let thousands of Aussie businesses be paid and issue rewards in crypto, we understand there might be some concern.
A common question with LivenCoin, Liven’s new digital currency for food, is if merchants and business owners looking to join our dedicated payments and marketing network will be forced into accepting cryptocurrency.
This will not be the case.
Read Liven’s new community whitepaper here!

Crypto in doesn’t mean crypto out.

We know business owners have no desire to add another complicated layer to the operation of your business, nor learn about and implement new facilities to start accepting crypto. With Liven, neither of these things will be an issue whether you’re crypto savvy or not.
Once Liven switches to its blockchain-based payments platform later this year, current merchants and new merchants who join will be given three different options:

1) Keep accepting the fiat currency of your region (AUD, USD, GBP etc)

When a customer pays with cryptocurrency, the default payment is always in fiat currency — your local currency. Choosing this option will mean all payments made to you will be instantly converted into the national fiat currency used in your country of operation (such as Australian Dollars). This conversion is handled by Liven, so the money entering your account will always be fiat currency — no worrying about complicated online exchanges or anything like that.
Basically nothing changes from your current use of Liven, unless you want it to. The only thing that will change is the rewards provided to customers, issued as an intrinsically valued digital currency rather than LivenCash, our virtual network currency.

2) Accept fiat currency and LivenCoin (LVN)

We call this option “the best of both worlds”. This is for the merchants who are crypto-curious — keen on dipping your toe in the pond but not quite ready to dive in headfirst.
Just let Liven know how much you’d like to be paid in either, and it doesn’t have to be a 50/50 split either. Want $10 in AUD and $5 in LVN? We can do that.

3) Getting paid all in crypto

For any merchants keen on embracing the future of payments technology, this option is for you. Once customers have paid and received their rewards, your business will be paid the corresponding value in LVN, set at the time of purchase through Liven’s dynamic rewards curve.
It’ll then be up to you to handle your LVN how you like, the world is your crypto oyster.
With these options, merchants on Liven will be able to have full crypto, no crypto, and anywhere in between, all implemented seamlessly through Liven’s existing payments platform. We know crypto can be a scary concept, so we’re making sure our merchants can be involved at any level they want.
You’re also not locked into a single option, just get in touch with Liven and we can discuss changing how you’re paid through our platform.
Regardless of what you choose, being on Liven means you’re accelerating the everyday adoption of cryptocurrencies, and are well-prepared for the future of payment technology.
Click here to learn more about becoming a Liven partner.
Read more about how The LivenPay project is building a stable cryptocurrency for the real world, and making the capabilities and benefits of blockchain technology accessible for brick and mortar businesses and everyday consumers in Liven’s community whitepaper.
Website: Whitepaper can be found here. Download the app: Liven
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