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Let me explain – if you’re new to Poet, POE can be simply described as follows:
A decentralized platform that allows publishers to license, identify, and monetize digital content such as blog posts, news articles, YouTube videos, audio/music, e-books and more.
It ensures content creators will receive credit and be financially rewarded for the content they create.
Poet is more efficient and global than standard copyrighting due to its speed and decentralized nature
What makes POE great?
Think about all of the articles, news posts, and videos stolen on the internet today… Social media is notorious for this.
Poet seeks to offer a tangible and immediate solution to this problem that, before now, has been extremely difficult to control in our ever-expanding and evermore transparent digital world.
To put it simply, it is difficult to legally enforce who owns digital content created online. Poet plans to resolve this.
It will ensure creators are credited for their work and rewarded accordingly. Blockchain quite literally provides the solution to this and Poet is the key.
Why POE?
Mass adoption is very near. Poet is currently testing a WordPress plugin, Frost app, that is scheduled to go live January 21. Due to the widespread use of WordPress, when this goes live, Poet will be available to over 300 million websites at the flick of a switch.
The community is growing rapidly and the Poet team has been aggressive in expanding its community team to best position the platform for continued growth and adoption.
Realistic, yet aggressive roadmap: The Poet roadmap is one of the few roadmaps I’ve seen that clearly outline the goals and do so in a very realistic timeframe. In addition to this, their product is coming very soon.
Undervalued market cap: Inevitably a critical factor for any investor. My personal belief is that project is just getting started. This project aims to target a market of nearly 1 billion+ websites, and that doesn’t even include the number of articles, posts, videos, and audio attached to these sites. Poet is just now beginning to gain a lot of momentum and hasn’t even begun their public marketing campaign. The development team has been extremely transparent and continues to seek out the community to regular input and feedback. This team has performed brilliantly thus far and continues to meet and exceed expectations!
There aren’t any companies directly doing anything quite like Poet. The closest comparable are maybe VeChain (Tracks real-world goods), Tron (Content hosting, Justin Sun compared to a Facebook or Youtube), and Publica (Marketplace for ebooks like Barnes & Noble or Amazon), but their goals are completely different and would not resolve the issues of content licensing and proof of existence like Poet seeks to achieve. Poet aims to resolve a very specific and achievable goal.
Poet aims to resolve a widespread global issue that has not been achieved before.
Allows for any content creator to utilize its platform for proof of existence.
Allows publishers to license, identify, and monetize digital content easily and seamlessly.
Will prevent plagiarism and allow for content disputes via community trusted mediators.
More efficient than copyrighting
Completely decentralized
8 individuals located primarily in the US and South America, with plans to grow more.
Lautaro Dragan: Technical Lead
Specializes in ReactJS, NodeJS, and RESTful API’s & Web apps, 10 years exp., full- stack dev, game development enthusiast Patricio Mosse: Full Stack Develop
Software engineer, 12 years exp., BS in Computer Science, international experience in USA, France, Israel & Greece Pat Riley: Head of Product
Experience at Apple, Bitpay, & BTC Media, 100% self-educated designer, 3 years exp. working on products built on top of Bitcoin, Max Bronstein: Media & Strategy Lead
Product geek & digital strategist, experience at Gem, BTC Media, & The Coin Toss Jeremy Kandah: Chief Coin Officer
Exp. Working on Flurry the world’s largest mobile analytics company, founded Appcasher, LLC & DApps Fund, exp. establishing multiple ICO’s including Maidsafe Elliot Feeny: Community Relations
Media specialist & blockchain enthusiast since 2014, Emory University School of Law, featured in Bitcoin Magazine, The Distributed Ledger and Wolters Kluwer Securities Regulation Daily. Alvaro Crespo: Mobile Developer
Software Engineer, university professor teaching discrete math & full-stack web applications, exp. Developing apps for both Android and iOS. Justin Litchfield: Product Development
Stanford Ph.D. chemist by education, entrepreneur by profession, 5 years exp. in media, blockchain & FinTech. ADVISORS 19 and counting with ties to over 30 worldwide companies.
Vice Media: Mike Fermano
BTC Inc: David Bailey, Tyler Evans
Samsung, Razorfish, BBS: Richard Titus
Viacom, Fox, Vimeo: Greg Clayman
Ethereum, JAXX: Anthony Di lorio
Fenbushi Capital: Bo Shen
Ethereum, Smartwallet: Steven Dakh
Augur, Blockchain Ed. Net.: Jeremy Gardner
Maven, Yahoo, MySpace: James Heckman
BLOQ: Jeff Garzik
Let’s Talk Bitcoin, Tokenly: Adam Levine
BLOQ, Tally Capital: Matthew Roszak
Blockdaemon, Ad Ledger: Konstantin Richter
Madhive: Adam Helfgott
Proof of Existence, Streamium, Dentraland: Esteban Ordano
Block Assets: David Lee
BNK To The Future: Simon Dixon
ChainB: James Gong
DISCLOSURE: I currently hold POE. This is not financial advice. I also stole this post from zerotoamillion so all credit to him
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Noble Bitcoin is a cyptocurrency investment firm specializing in the Bitcoin IRAs. Bitcoin is the digital currency of the future, protecting you from the rise and fall of various world markets. Noble Bitcoin, a subsidiary of Noble Alternative Investments, announced today the launch of its cryptocurrency business. Noble Bitcoin provides individuals the ability to invest their existing IRS-approved retirement funds such as 401(k)s and IRAs in digital currencies. PASADENA, Calif. (PRWEB) April 10, 2018 Noble Bitcoin, a leading provider of cryptocurrency IRAs and a subsidiary of Noble Alternative Investments, announced today that it is providing insured cryptocurrency storage.The insured cold storage offering is available to Noble Bitcoin clients and requires that assets be securely held in the International Depository Services Group depository in Texas. Noble Bank International, a financial services company based in Puerto Rico, is reportedly looking for buyers after failing to turn a profit. Puerto Rican financial institution Noble Bank is looking at a potential sell-off, according to an anonymous source privy to the situation. “Bitcoin offers all of this and is still half of its all time high from a few years ago.” Disclosure: I own some bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, ether and EOS. Follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn .

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Chevron CEO Says Buying Noble Is a Strategic Fit - YouTube

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